BA’s 2013 End-of-Year Countdown #7

The 2013 End of Year CountdownFor something different to bring in the new year, I thought I’d create a countdown of book-related posts. Each day, as 2014 approaches, one of my posts will go up. If you want to take part, you’re more than welcome to.

I’m coupling this countdown with the BA Posts Challenge, but you don’t need to do the same. You can share these posts in any order you wish, as spaced out as you wish, and interpret the topics in a way that suits you. You can find all the countdown topics here.


Countdown Day #7: Reflection on the First Seven Read in 2013

It’s been sometime since most of us read those first seven books of the year, has your ideas changed, does your memory serve you well, have you forgotten what you’ve read? Reflect on how your feelings have changed and how what you read affected your year. These ideas on reflection are optional, if you’d like to reflect in another way feel free to.


My Reflection

I love going back to see what I’ve read at the beginning of the year. It’s always an ‘ah, ha!’ moment. I haven’t forgotten what I’ve read so much as forgotten when I’ve read them. Certain books will feel like I’ve read them years ago, and others just get lost in the vacuum of time and memory.

Indigo Awakening by Jordan Dane

Indigo Awakening by Jordan DaneWhen I come across the title I remember I read it. The more time I spend focusing on it, the more of the story I remember, but it’s the feelings that take the longest to come back. I think I believed Indigo Awakening had promise and then I’m sure at some point it annoyed me. I know this because the images the title brings don’t bring me joy and I’m not interested in reading the sequel.

My review

Darkness of Morning by Samantha Boyette

Darkness of Morning by Samantha BoyetteUnfortunately, as can happen with ones I love sometimes, I don’t remember the storyline very well until I read a part of it. However, I remember the feeling with this one and each time I see, or think about, anything to do with Darkness of Morning my obsessive inner reader goes off — “OMG where’s the next one! What’s going on! CAN’T. CONTAIN. MYSELF. — While I sit there and mind my own business… As you can probably tell, after reviewing Morning Rising and Darkness of Morning, I’m a bit of a fan of the series. Just a bit.

My Review

Florence by Ciye Cho

Florence by Ciye ChoYou know when you see a movie visually stunning to behold? Take that and turn it into a book. Florence is visually stunning for the imagination, but in words. I remember big chunks of the story and can easily visualise scenes. I love these mermaids! Why haven’t I read the sequel yet?! Oh, that’s right, time and a massive pile of review requests. I’m tempted to take the sequel on my holiday to Melbourne, but if Luminare is anything like Florence, then it might not be a good idea. I remember just wanting to read, and read, and read with Florence.

My Review

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen ChboskyPerks was a book club book, but I also wanted to read it after watching the movie. I think I may have been bored with Perks. I know for sure I wasn’t eating it up and blown away like so many others can be. Maybe the movie ruined the book for me, but honestly… I think I was just bored. Either way, the movie comes to mind far easier than the original story does.

My Review

Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche

Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRocheThis one really surprised me. I’m not a big fan of romance, but when Penguin asked me about this account of an Australian’s experience sailing when she’s scared of water… Well, I felt compelled. I’m not scared of water so much as boats. I dislike being on boats even though I spent a great deal of time on a houseboat when I was younger. It’s odd and perplexing because some days I just feel the need to get on a boat and go out into sea. I blame my father. Seems like my body just knows when it’s a good day to go boating. Is that what you call it? Boating?

Anyway, Love with a Chance of Drowning made me want to go on an adventure, it even made me consider sailing, which I am not going to do. Each time I see the book I look upon it with fondness and give a small smile. It really got under my skin.

My Review

Broken by Megan Hart

Broken by Megan HartBroken is another one to surprise me. I’m usually not very fond of heterosexual erotica. Apart from finding elements of reading written porn boring, when there’s a heterosexual love story and the male is dominate I can get a bit angry. Imagine how angry I get when I read erotica with a dominate male? I really hate stereotypical story lines showing men owning women without consent. I dislike double standards and I dislike entitlement of the female body.

I went into Broken with an open mind though and it turned out to be really interesting. I’ve considered reading other stories by Megan Hart since, but I have to be careful because of the whole common underlying non-consensual domination issue.

My Review

Star Wench by Anna Anthropy

StarWenchFrontCoverWSStar Wench was awesome! Is awesome! I still remember the art, I still remember some of the crazy deaths Star Wench went through when I was reading it. Awesome! Star Wench is one of those books it’s hard to forget and I honestly can recall it really well all this time later.

My Review


So, there’s my first countdown post. Do you like to reflect on what you’ve read in the beginning of the year? Share your thoughts in the comments or participate and share on your blog.

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