BA’s 2013 End of Year Countdown

I mentioned in my last update I was still trying to see if I could include an end-of-year question post for BA as an extended part of the Posting Challenge.

At first I thought it might be too much with everything that’s been going on, but then I had an idea. Why not have it as a countdown to 2014? You can do all these in one post, or you can do what I’m going to do. I’m going to do one for each day leading up to the New Year.

I’ve included a little explanation for all of them. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a little nudge before my brain decides to wake up. Take them as they are or leave them and interpret the topics in your own way. This goes too for how you set the post up. Make it yours.

Without further ado…

The 2013 End of Year CountdownThe 2013 End of Year Countdown

Countdown Day #7: Reflection on the First Seven Read in 2013 – It’s been sometime since most of us read those first seven books of the year, has your ideas changed, does your memory serve you well, have you forgotten what you’ve read? Reflect on how your feelings have changed and how what you read affected your year. These ideas on reflection are optional, if you’d like to reflect in another way feel free to.

Countdown Day #6: Newly Discovered and Rediscovered Authors – Were they awesome, have you decided to read more books by them, why did you decide to revisit their work, or what about them does or doesn’t suit your reading tastes?

Countdown Day #5 Memorable Fictional Places Discovered – These places can be somewhere you’d love to go or they can be somewhere to give you nightmares. What made them memorable? Why would you visit, or not visit? How did they make you feel?

Countdown Day #4 Newest Fictional BFFs – They don’t have to be BFFs of course, but share the characters you’ve grown to love during 2013 and what you loved about them.

Countdown Day #3 Achieved Challenges and Goals in 2013 – What were your challenges and goals for 2013? Did you reach the goals and challenges you had set? Did they change throughout the year, or have they remained the same?

Countdown Day #2 Bloggish and Bookish Hopes for 2014 – What do you hope for in the New Year? For reading, for the book industry, for your local library, anything book related, story related, author related, and blogging related. Share what you hope may happen and what your goals will be for the New Year.

Countdown Day #1 Most Loved Read of 2013 – That’s right, you have just one book to pick out of everything you’ve read in 2013. Link back to a review, posts about it, include trailers, book covers, and anything else you might want to add.


That’s that! If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I hope to be able to read all your posts!

4 thoughts on “BA’s 2013 End of Year Countdown

  1. Looking forward to the rest of the topics. Haven’t decided on dissertation topic yet and am currently flitting back and forth over whether or not to start in next year or take a semester break to just get myself together. I have had serious health problems for 7 years and have been studying through the myriad of surgeries etc etc, and I just feel like I haven’t had a BREAK. But then I don’t want to start having a break and then a few weeks in I’m like “gee, I wish I was DOING something”. I’m not able to work due to my health, so taking a break means time to hang around the house for 6 months – don’t know if I’ll go nuts…

    Anyway – that’s my long and rather obscure answer to your question :-p


  2. […] So, I’ll be doing the remaining Top Ten Tuesday posts and I still have to post Part 2 and 3 of the Annual Book Survey. As for reviews, I’ll only be reviewing the horror book I choose to read because it’s a bit late with Shut Your Eyes Tight. I’ve been reading it for so long I feel like I can’t review it properly anymore. Also, I might join in on some of the posting ideas provided at BA’s 2013 End of Year Countdown. […]


  3. If I find the time, I might join in with this!! Are you still doing the blogging post challenge? I am finally up-to-date and hoping to get all the posts to the end of January done by the end of the week. Crazy, I know, but I’ll be starting my dissertation next year so I want to be ahead of things!


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