BAsPC: Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

BA's Posting Challenge 2013-14Welcome to BA’s Posting Challenge for book bloggers! In an effort to consistently create content on BA I thought I would take part in a 30 day blogging challenge (I have to mix it up or else I get bored), but realised I don’t want to, nor do I have the time, to create a post every single day. Instead I decided to attempt to create a post once a week with content other than a review.

This is how BA’s Posting Challenge began.

Now BA’s Posting Challenge has become an annual event spanning the year’s busiest time. November for Wrimos everywhere, December for the holiday season, January for New Year’s and recovery, February for the lovers, and March to finally wind down after all the craziness.

BA’s Posting Challenge is for those book bloggers who want content and can’t think of anything to post, want a break without their blog dying, and just want to join in somewhere with the blogosphere community. This  challenge has a focus on books, book blogs, and personal topics scattered throughout. Find all the topics here.


Christmas Presents for Book Lovers: Christmas is right around the corner and we all know, when you’re a lover of books, people think the easiest thing to get you is an actual book. Wrong! What have been some of your favourite presents related to your bookish habits and what’s on your bookish wish list?


My original post I drafted up turned into a massive diatribe of what not to get book lovers as gifts and whatever else I was yabbering on about, so I decided to turn that post into another topic of discussion to be added to BAPC’s topic thread. This is me notifying you of updated discussion topics, check them out.

Apart from books I’ve always wanted, which didn’t turn out to be a surprise as I had to inform the gift giver to get it for me, I’ve gotten some pretty good gifts over the years. You have to think outside the box with book lovers like me, you see, because I have way too many books. That’s right, way too many books. My reading list will occupy me for the next fifteen years. I’m not joking. You see why I am not a bookworm to get books as gifts for.

My book necklace from Etsy
My book necklace from Etsy

Jewellery: I love me some jewellery. I don’t consider myself to be girly, but I am definitely feminine and one of the things aiding my femininity is my love for quirky jewellery. Just chuck something together involving jewellery and books and I’ll be happy. My favourite necklace is one my partner got me from Etsy. It’s made from an early 1900s postcard. Postcards back then were made out of leather and my book necklace has the cover made from the leather of the postcard, including stamp as decoration, and then pages glued in-between. I took a photo of it when taking part in the 365 Day Photography Challenge.

Bookmarks: I go through phases where I collect bookmarks and two my partner got me were from overseas. One is a lace one she found in Venice and anther is a bark one from Fiji. I have a ridiculous amount of bookmarks, but unique, limited edition, and ones from other countries will always be appreciated.

Book Lamps: What reader doesn’t need a good book lamp to clip onto their book so they can read into the early hours of the morning? My Mum has gotten me book lamps in the past and I’ve loved each of them. They’re just so useful.

Reading Journals: I love a good journal, I love a good list, I love a good mode of record keeping. I am anal retentive like that. Naturally a good present for an anal retentive bibliophile is going to be a reading journal. I have several. There’s some pretty ones on Amazon, but I got this one for a gift. I love the idea of keeping a neat record of what I’ve read and being able to add genre, ratings, favourite quotes, answering questions on the book, and being given more reading material due to all the awarded reading listed in the end pages.

I haven’t had thirty birthdays as a reader, but I can tell you now I have had more than I can count (I don’t remember when I began reading avidly basically). I don’t know which of these were gifts and which of these were presents to myself, but I’m counting all of the following as a list of presents I’ve loved.

Book Seat: My book seat is pure awesome. I haven’t used it as much as I was, but I still love to take it out with certain books and lay down to read. It is great for readers who have muscle wasting because you don’t have to hold those heavy books up. I’ve used my book seat sitting at the table, sitting on the lounge and on the floor, sitting up in bed, and lying down.

My HG Wells mug
My HG Wells mug

Mugs: I love mugs! Seriously! I love them so much I had to cut myself off a while ago. My collection of mugs has taken over our communal cupboard of mugs… My favourites are my HG Wells one and my Muggle one.

As for my wish list? I’m always happy for more reading journals with interesting twists, I love clothes with bookish themes (especially if the themes are from Brave New World, Harry Potter, 1984, a HG Wells novel, Dracula, The Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett, Patrick Rothfuss inspired, or something for Anne Rice’s earlier work), I would love any accessory (as long as it’s not tacky or too girly), story themed mugs, story themed teapots (another addiction), story themed shoes (like Batman chucks), and… Here’s the thing — if it’s something I’m interested in mixed with the themes of books or stories, then I’m probably going to want it and love it.


If you’re yet to join in, you can do so! If you don’t want to, you’re still welcome to share here in the comments.

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