Review: Owly Vol. 1 The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer by Andy Runton

Owly Vol. 1 by Andy RuntonOwly is a kind, yet lonely, little owl who’s always on the lookout for new friends and adventure.

The first graphic novel in the series contains two enchanting novellas, “The Way Home” & “The Bittersweet Summer,” wherein Owly discovers the meaning of friendship, and that saying goodbye doesn’t always mean forever.


After typing this review up and reading through it, I feel as though I should give a warning. Warning: Cuteness overload. Seriously. I’m exuberant about cute animals and drawings, so prepare yourself.


Owly is so, so, so cute! If you love graphic novels lacking words, but with boundless cuteness than you will love Owly. You will absolutely love Owly if you love animals as well. Owly and the other animals he comes across in his journey are so adorable. I can’t handle the cuteness.

The first volume is two stories in one with The Way Home and The Bittersweet Summer. I’m unable to comment on the latter without creating spoilers for the former, but in the end it probably won’t matter. Both stories are delightfully quaint and sweet enough to help you ignore spoilers.

The Way Home opens with Owly trying to make friends with other animals, but they’re all scared of him. The art is wonderful in it truly expresses what Owly is feeling. He is alone, he wants friends, he is caring, he is compassionate, and before the story takes off you can already tell how unhappy Owly is.

By the end of the first story I was ready to read The Bittersweet Summer and was considering getting my own copy to add to my collection for any nieces and nephews who may be interested in reading it with me.

The Bittersweet Summer has Owly and his friend meeting hummingbirds. Once again, just as in The Way Home, every animal is adorable. They are adorable and I cannot help but love them! The Bittersweet Summer includes Owly’s photo album. I already considered Owly to be a perfect graphic novel for a younger audience, but the inclusion of the photo album makes me believe so even more.

The stories contain messages about acceptance, loyalty, trust, consideration, and they’re not scary stories for their intended audience either. They’re adorable, cute, amusing, heartfelt, and very memorable.

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