BA News: Content to Come, Blogging Challenge, and Reading Challenges

In This Post;

  • Content to Come and Stalled Reviews
  • BA’s Blogging Challenge
  • Reading Challenges for 2013

I thought I’d come out of my bat writing cave and update. I had some posts scheduled and then realised yesterday I didn’t have the ones scheduled that I thought I did. Ha! So you’ve missed some posts. Oh well…

Content to Come and Stalled Reviews

Obviously things are going to get crazy when NaNoWriMo is on (check out my other blog if you want to catch up with my craziness) and I had planned for it, especially with the blogging challenge, but I always forget just how crazy. For the last month I have been doing tests (everything’s good), hosting write-ins, getting sick, doing stuff like taking part in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, and as of tomorrow I’m doing more stuff, hosting write-ins, hopefully going to other write-ins and NaNo events, taking part in the Electric Run, going to more doctor’s appointments, and just I don’t know anymore. So many things to do!

I’m distracted and leading up to this point I hadn’t been reading a great deal, but I’ve gotten into a nice groove of writing and have begun to read far more often. I admit I’m addicted to playing games on my iPad, but I’m slowly breaking my habit and opting to pick up a book instead.

This means reviews! Reviews will be coming regularly and soon! There will be several graphic novel reviews too since they take me hardly any time to read. There’s some great graphic novels out there, and they’re stories too, so why not help create content with reviewing them? At least until I’m back on the ball of course.

BA’s Blogging Challenge

In other news, please remember I’m hosting a blogging challenge for book bloggers and you are very welcome to join in. It doesn’t matter if you have come late to the party, read up on it and see if it’s for you.

Reading Challenges for 2013

One more thing… reading challenge reviews! It’s almost December! Do you realise what this means? CHALLENGES WILL BE ENDING SOON! I know! The madness! It’s almost the end of the year, but don’t worry, you still have time to get more books read and reviews posted to share. Just remember, linking widgets close up in December so get a wriggle on! You have to prepare for next year’s challenges after all.

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