BA’s Posting Challenge: Beginnings

Today is the first post for the latest BA Posting Challenge! You can learn more about the posting challenge here and see what topics there are to discuss. Topics till January are up, at the moment there’s been a stall in getting the rest up with NaNo making me cuckoo-ca-choo. The rest will be up soon though, soon.


26 Posts Book Blogging Challenge Introduction

BA's Posting Challenge 2013-14Welcome to BA’s Posting Challenge for book bloggers! In an effort to consistantly create content on BA I thought I would take part in a 30 day blogging challenge (I have to mix it up or else I get bored), but realised I don’t want to, nor do I have the time, to create a post every single day. Instead I decided to attempt to create a post once a week with content other than a review.

This is how BA’s Posting Challenge began.

Now BA’s Posting Challenge has become an annual event spanning the year’s busiest time. November for Wrimos everywhere, December for the holiday season, January for New Year’s and recovery, February for the lovers, and March to finally wind down after all the craziness.

BA’s Posting Challenge is for those book bloggers who want content and can’t think of anything to post, want a break without their blog dying, and just want to join in somewhere with the blogosphere community. This  challenge has a focus on books, book blogs, and personal topics scattered throughout. Find all the topics here.

Today’s TopicBeginnings: How do you prepare for a challenge like long-term reading goals or a good blogging challenge?

I go crazy is how I prepare.

For reading goals and challenges I tend to break it down by numbers, figuring out how much I will read by how much I can read in a month… then a week… then a day… then by hour… I don’t know why. I just want to know these little details that I won’t come back to again until I’m about to begin another challenge!

I then fix up any pages and posts I have on my blogs to make them nice and clean, ready to be filled in with book titles. When I’ve done that I’ll sort out my offline reading journal and records. I have reading journals from Amazon, but last year I ended up buying a notebook and creating my own reading journal.

I basically wrote up fifteen pages in the notebook in order to fill it in with book titles, character information, favourite scenes, places to visit, places to avoid, and most memorable characters and places.

What can I say? I’m pedantic.

With posting challenges, well I don’t know. Of course it’s different because I’m hosting it, but this one is the only one I’ve taken part in. Every now and then I come across thirty day posting challenges and have an urge to do it. The idea of posting each day for thirty days turns me off though. More so when the topics haven’t been pre-posted and you have to wait for them. I don’t have the time for that.

This one, preparing-wise, I put together a new badge and jot down topics when they come to mind. Really, it’s just blogging. I don’t go into extensive planning with blogging. For some reason reading is the only one to take up so much of my focus.

This post is making me want to begin planning for next year’s reading challenges! It’s true, I enjoy tedious tasks.


How about you? How do you prepare for challenges?

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