Author Guest Post: Inspiration by Clint Stoker

All for Owen, Clint Stoker‘s second novel, is out! What better way to celebrate than to have Clint Stoker himself tell us the inspiration behind his newest story? I didn’t think there was a better way either. If you’ve been around with BA for a few years then you may recognise Clint’s name. Clint was one of the first authors I reviewed for, The Cause being his first novel, and he was also one of my first interviewees! So I’m honoured to have him back on BA today and without further ado…


Inspiration by Clint Stoker

The idea behind writing All for Owen struck me while watching a documentary on the black plague.

It’s amazing how many methods for warding off the plague there were. Pope All for Owen by Clint StokerClement VI kept a fire burning in his room at all times to “clean the air.” People roamed the streets, whipping themselves as a kind of penitence, hoping the plague would be taken away. In Italy, plague doctors would wear these bird-like masks, stuffed with flowers and herbs to clean the air they breathed.

Looking back from a modern age, it’s easy to think those people were silly, but in the 1348 there wasn’t much they could do to cure or prevent the plague. They didn’t have the medical and scientific understanding that we do today, but they had superstition, and they were serious about it.

That got me thinking about how easily humanity would turn back to superstition if science failed us. What if we encountered another plague, one we had no hope of curing and little understanding of how it killed? What would it take to bring plague doctors back?

Maybe people living in that future would look back and think it was silly of us to cling so tightly to science.

All for Owen is about 17-year-old, Jason Lowe. He is the only person to get the plague and live, and he has the death-mark on his face to prove it. His neighborhood is full of people trying to mimic normal lives but always living in fear.

Jason’s shot at saving his community from the plague is to trust and protect 12-year-old, Owen Rosner, the awkward and eccentric child prodigy who lives for math and loves physics.

All for Owen is available now on


Author Bio

Author Clint StokerDystopia has always appealed to me. If I had to shoehorn my writing into one category, Dystopia would fit best. Ever since I read “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson, I fell in love with the the question — what if? Dystopia is all about answering that question.

Some people fantasize about magic and mythical creatures. I dream about strange politics and extraordinary people. I write fiction about the science of human nature, and of power, and of kindness. I write about new places, and old problems.

I’m a history nut, and a comic book connoisseur. I love listening to music and creating my own. I’m a University of Utah graduate of Mass Communication. I’m a clumsy gardener, a starving artist, a proud husband and father.

And I am story teller.

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