BA News: Decisions for BA’s Posting Challenge

In Today’s News Post;

  • Decisions for BA’s Posting Challenge
  •  A Few Important Things
  • How it Will Work
  • Submit a Question/Topic

Decisions for BA’s Posting Challenge

BA’s Posting Challenge is almost at its end and I brought this up last week, but hadn’t quite made a decision with how to carry on. Well, I’ve finally decided! I think…

One of the options I was thinking of was making BA’s posting challenge an annual event running over the course of five months and the busiest period of the year, NaNoWrimo, Christmas, New Year’s, and this includes Valentines for all you lovers and Mardi Gras! This is the option I’m going with. Those months can become hectic and make blogging a trial to keep up with. I don’t know about everyone else, but I like the idea of having one topic ready to go every week. It takes the pressure off and lowers my stress levels. No one needs any more stress during NaNo, oh yeah and Christmas, but mostly NaNo.

A Few Important Things

A few important things before I get to how the posting challenge will work this time ‘round.

  1. Name Change: I may or not be changing the name.
  2. I will accept questions and topic suggestions to discuss. If you’d like to suggest something, please do so! You can either fill out the below question form or come back and contact me directly.

How it Will Work

The Workings of BA’s Posting Challenge

  • Topics are predetermined and shared a month earlier; the 1st of October 2013.
  • The challenge will run from 1st of November 2013 through to 31st of March 2014.
  • Home posts (my posts) will be going up on Sundays. Participants can post another day to suit their blog as long as it falls between the Sunday and Saturday of that week.
  • Participants may join later, but must begin at the beginning.
  • There will be a linking widget for all to share their posts. The first widget will be part of the announcement/topics post where everyone can share their blogs. From then on each home post will include a widget.

I don’t expect a sign-up post or anything like that, this is different to the reading challenges. There is the option of sharing a badge in your posts, and I will never be offended if you want to share this challenge with other book bloggers. The more the merrier is always a good idea with challenges and blogging.

I believe that is it. If I’ve missed anything though, let me know!

Submit a Question or Topic to Discuss

The options for questions and topics can be anything you’ve ever wanted to know from other readers and book bloggers. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering something about books and how others might react to it, please do share. I will happily consider your topic for the posting challenge. Remember, it’s about books and book blogs, but a few general ones are ok too!


Thank you!

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