Review: The Rag Issue #5

The Rag Issue #5The Rag’s 5th issue is now out. This is our first issue as a biannual publication and has about twice as much content as our previous quarterly releases. Many stories featured here examine questions of good and evil and what drives people to act immorally.

The Rag’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to seek out powerful new literary voices and bring them to light. We see electronic publishing as an opportunity to turn back time to an era of affordable distribution and open competition, and it allows us to reach a broader audience and inject new life into the literary market.



There’s an almost-new, created in 2011, literature e-magazine out and I’ve just finished reading issue #5. It’s titled The Rag and features an array of short stories, poetry, and art. These are three features I always enjoy experiencing together. There’s nothing like whiling away your day reading stories with different themes, at varying intensities, and broken up with interesting visual pieces.

Some of the stories in issue five are rather disturbing and I’m left all agog over the last instalment by Philip Zigman titled Olivia. The story is about a woman with a perfect nose, but it happens to be out of proportion to the rest of her body, or so she believes. This results in her going through a long haul with plastic surgery. I don’t like plastic surgery and I don’t like plastic surgery reality shows, but Zigman’s story is akin to something horrible (like reality shows) where you can’t look away.

The issue begins in much the same way with an unusual love story by Stefanie Demas. Love stories don’t suit my tastes, but the unusual ones are special. I will happily give them my full attention and Memento Mori was definitely the best opener to issue #5. I began reading this issue at a doctor’s surgery and almost dropped my eReader out of surprise when my name was called; I’d completely forgotten I was waiting for the doctor.

There’s stories about fighting Hebephilia, domestic abuse from an outsider’s perspective, an awesome poem by Misty Lynn Ellingburg, being sucked into the crime world, a interesting story about a diabetic with neuropathy by Rachel Kimbrough, and so much more that I don’t know what to mention next.

All these tales are broken up with art by Meredith Robinson and it’s the type of art I love so even more reason to draw me along and have me reading this issue of The Rag. It’s not often I’m able to discover literary magazines where I have the time and interest to read on a regular basis. Either there’s only a small amount of stories to whet my appetite, or the magazine is far too long, but I found issue #5 to be just the right length and the themes to entertain my oddball tastes.

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