BA Post Challenge: Reading Quirks

BA’s 26 Posts Blogging Challenge

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This Week’s Topic

Reading Quirks: Do you have any quirks or habits you have to follow when it comes to books and reading?


What kind of bookworm would I be if I didn’t have reading quirks and habits?

  1.  Finishing Chapters: Reading till I finish a chapter or scene is one and my most stuck to for all sorts of reasons. I find it easier to pick up where I left off and I don’t have to jog my memory as much. I find if I leave the story at the height of an emotional roller coaster, when I come back, I won’t be as invested and enjoy it as much as I was. There’s also the fact of reading till the end of a chapter, or scene if I have to, feels neater. I don’t want to go around wondering what happened next, what a character said, or how they responded, all day long.
  2. Bookmarks to Match: I do have bookmarks with designs matching books I come across, but matching more for me is about size. If it’s a smaller paperback, the last thing I want is a huge bookmark poking out of either end and getting bent. I do not like bent bookmarks and I do not like them scraping against me. I have large, medium, and small bookmarks to fit all book sizes and have the bookmarks sitting so only a millimetre pokes out of the top. I like to be able to find my place, but I dislike the need to pay attention to the bookmark if I’m carrying the book around.
  3. Seating: I rarely lie or sit with my legs flat when I’m reading. I don’t know why, but I’m probably taking ‘curling up with a good book’ to heart. This really hurts my muscles after a while, but, try though as I might, I just can’t sit any other way. I have taken to lying on my stomach at times when my back hurts, but it’s just not the same.
  4. Page Count: I like to calculate how many pages I have read and how many I have left. It depends on the book with how often I do so. If the story is engrossing I may only calculate once or twice. The less engrossing then the more calculating there is. If I find myself calculating more than I have read, then I reconsider reading the story. I also have a habit of calculating how many pages I could read a day after reading a certain amount of the story.
  5. Indexes: If a book has a chapter index I will go back and check it several times. I like to see what is coming up next, where I am in relation to the other chapters, and if there is any meaning behind the titles. Well, any extra special meaning. The same goes when there is a map present. I love maps and will constantly check back to see if I can figure out where everything is, if the orientation was right in my head, and will place a bookmark where the map is.

I’m sure I have more habits, but none spring to mind. They’re probably the subconscious ticks and quirks none of us will notice when we’re reading. I’d pay more attention next time, but I don’t know if I want to focus on my quirks. It might put me off my reading.


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