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This Week’s Topic

Challenges: Do you host or take part in reading challenges? If you do, share them, and if not what’s your views on challenges?


I am quite fond of reading challenges. It probably shows with how many I host. I used to be obsessed with them, but thankfully my obsession has calmed down in the last couple of years. I owe this to not having as much free time, reading by request, and hosting challenges. After awhile the obsession became too much and the amount I had to read in order to feel like I’d accomplished something became overwhelming.

I have mixed feelings with reading challenges. The benefits outweigh the setbacks of course, but there are still setbacks. I think the majority of them are self-induced. For instance, taking on so many you can’t keep up. Yes, challenges can be addictive, but we don’t have to join up with so many. A nice collective handful that suits our reading habits is enough, surely?

The other self-induced setback is guilt. When you can’t finish a challenge, what happens? I’ve seen it a ridiculous amount of times online and I’ve talked to my own bookish friends about it; the fear and guilt behind not being able to finish a challenge. It can be crippling and turn readers off of reading challenges. This is why my challenge guidelines state all participants are able to change levels at any time, and need to enjoy the experience rather than feeling bad about not making their target.

We don’t always know what’s around the corner. We may have plenty of time to read when we sign up for a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Reading should not only be informative, but entertaining. When life gets shitty, we should be able to have the world of stories there to carry us along and give us a break. Reading challenges should never be upsetting, exhausting, guilt-ridden, and a chore.

As for the benefits? Well, apart from focusing on reading and having even more of an excuse to talk books, touch books, read books, and shop for books, reading challenges can get people to read more and connect readers. It can be hard to connect with other readers, even when you’re physically around them. You might not enjoy the same genres and there’s only so far you can go in a conversation when that’s the case. So why not connect on the pleasure of reading and the fun of reading challenges?

Over the years I’ve taken part in many different challenges, but have finally settled on ones that suit me. I do come across new ones that sound interesting, but I realise I don’t have the time for them (for shame). As long as I participate in challenges, I will participate in Off the Shelf and will probably take part in What’s in a Name for quite some time. Free Reads is another one I love and is something I will take part in for as long as I have free books to read. Dystopia is a fascinating subject and as long as the genre doesn’t get overwhelmed by love-ridden, clichéd stories I’ll continue with it. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of LGBT themed stories and indie authors to discover.

Steampunk on the other hand… eh. I love Steampunk themes in movies, dress, art, and games, but I’m still not sold on Steampunk fiction. I blame the love-ridden clichéd stories. They seem to be rampant because it’s rare I find something other than romantically driven stories dressed up in awesome. I might give Steampunk a miss next year, but I’ll keep going with all the other ones. Just can’t help myself…

Challenges: Off the Shelf, Dystopia, What’s in a Name, LGBT, Go Indie, Free Reads, Get Steampunk’d


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One thought on “BA Post Challenge: Challenges

  1. I think I may have entered too many challenges this year. I was doing ok with them until my husband became ill and my eyes started to have problems. Until then I was doing ok with my challenges.


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