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This Week’s Topic

Collections: Do you have a special section in your personal library? Is there bookish memorabilia you save or covet? Share your collections or collections you wish you had the time to amass. Include photos!


Although I used to do it more often; I have a thing about creating themes and collecting. Most of my ideas for themed collections don’t come to pass. My desire to procure all Johnny Depp movies fell through after watching Deadman and then there was the idea of purchasing only German Expressionism… Until I watched Metropolis. I haven’t watched German Expressionist films since!

Come to think of it, maybe my collecting downfall is just with movies, but these are my greatest examples. I also collected stamps when I was younger, Tazos, and magazines. All of these things didn’t end up amounting to much. I still have one tube of tazos floating around somewhere, a slim folder of stamps, and less than ten magazines of different subjects.

Books on the other hand… Well I have begun several different organisation projects with my books, but once again most of them have amounted to a blip in my collection. I blame Anne Rice. It’s all Anne Rice’s fault!

When I was in my early teens my cousin gave me a couple of Anne Rice’s books. I can’t remember which one I read first, but it started a severe addiction to finding all her books and reading them a gazillion times.

Unfortunately, every time I would go into the store (we didn’t have any fancy online bookstores back then…) to find the next title they’d be out of stock! I’d always be after the ones waiting to be reprinted! This resulted in taking eight years to buy a copy of all books she had published up until I was twenty one.

Although I stopped collecting when Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt came out, I felt thoroughly sated with what I had procured so far and felt as though I had a solid Anne Rice collection.

Afterwards I didn’t feel the need to start another collection for a very long time. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I have several Stephen King books, Dean Koontz, and have all of Peter V. Brett’s work, but I’m not actively going out of my way to find more work by authors anymore.

I did begin searching for all of HG Well’s books, but because I have so much to read in my personal library, I’m taking my time with that one. I have added two of Anne Rice’s personal books from her own collection to my Anne Rice collection and began collecting signed work, but I think I’m done. I have my Anne Rice books, my signed copies of Patrick Rothfuss and Peter V. Brett’s books. I’m pretty happy. That is until I have another idea…


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2 thoughts on “BA Post Challenge: Collections

  1. Well, having a kindle has really taken away from the romance of collecting books for me, I’m afraid. I suppose I still have a collection of books from various authors there, but it’s just not the same. Consequently, most of my book collecting these days revolves around concerns a book is going out of print. So, a while back it was really hard to get many Nero Wolfe mysteries, so I started making an effort to collect those. But then A&E did a tv show on it, and they got popular again, so I stopped worrying about collecting them. In fact, many of those are on kindle now. I do tend to check to see if my favorite children’s books are going out of print- I still can’t believe Richard Scarry’s Busy, Busy World is no longer being printed. I bought a copy of that. Hah, and that’s it- old mysteries and old children’s books. Maybe not the most exciting collections but they both played huge roles in my childhood, so I love them.


  2. I do have my children’s book series collections: Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, Dana Girls, and Judy Bolton. Most of them are from my childhood though a new Judy was added last October.

    My more recent paperback series that I have been following are not all in one place and I wish they were. I love the Flower Shop Series by Kate Collins and have most of Midnight Louis’ books.


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