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BA’s 26 Posts Blogging Challenge

BA's 26 Posts Challenge for Book BloggersWelcome to BA’s 26 Posts Posting Challenge for Book Bloggers! The aim of this challenge is to create one post a week, focusing on books, book blogs, and a scattering of personal topics, for 26 weeks. You can learn more, or be kept up to date with topics here.

Posts will go up every Sunday, but you can post any time during the week (all topics are pre-listed), and share your posts in the comments for others to find. Please refrain from targeting individuals, bullying, or slandering in your posts. Share your opinions, but keep it diplomatic if anything negative comes up so this can be, and stay, a fun challenge.

This Week’s Topic

The Bookish Social Network: What do you think the pros and cons are of using social networking sites, such as Goodreads and Twitter, for book lovers (feel free to share all your profiles in the social networking universe)?


I’m rather hopeless with utilising social networks for any purpose. It doesn’t matter if I’d use them just for fun, or networking, I’ve accepted I’m not a socialite online (or offline, let’s be honest). This doesn’t mean I don’t use them and fail to appreciate what’s great about them.

So, bookishly, I’m on Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook (for books and for writing). Sometimes I will incorporate Pinterest and Instagram into bookish networking as well. When I use the term bookishly, it’s mostly half-arsed. To be nicer, maybe more of a failed attempt? I don’t know if others would see it that way, but in my mind I’m definitely far off the mark when it comes to using social networking in any way.

For instance, Goodreads is only to keep track of my books and find new reads, Twitter is something I see as an RSS feed (I don’t have time or focus for Twitter), Facebook is along the same lines as Twitter except I do go on FB sporadically. I have given up on Pinterest and Instagram I use more for my life in general… When I remember. Social Networking is exhausting and, I believe it or not, I don’t like spending much time online.

I guess that’s one con of social networking, in general or for books, is the time consumption and how much it fatigues me. I occasionally become bewildered and overwhelmed by so much social contact as well. Having it online and then offline in one day makes me want to hide from society for about a week. Boy, do I sound like I don’t like people! I just like my personal space.

The biggest con is bitchiness. I’m sure the majority of us bookish people have come across it somewhere online. The publicity a, hopefully small, number of people are going to get when they rant, rave, and bully authors and other readers is ridiculous. It is great how many people can be aware of what’s occurring, but I don’t think it’s good for the bullies to have so much attention.

The pros of course are much more numerous and make the cons worth it all. Even for someone like me who rarely uses social networking. There’s plenty to learn when it comes to articles being shared on books, authors, and writing. I find inspiration via these articles, people’s tweets, and, status updates. You can meet awesome people, have great conversations, and if you’re lucky make new friends offline. Of course there’s always having a large source for finding new books and authors, which is what I love Goodreads for.

The main pro to bookish social networking? Knowing there’s a big wide world full of people who love all different genres, care about books, and are passionate about reading.


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2 thoughts on “BA Post Challenge: The Bookish Social Network

  1. I’m just entering into the fray w/ all the social media, but thus far, I find social networking aspects of books/writing to be a little overwhelming. I too am on facebook ( and twitter ( Facebook I use primarily to keep in touch w/ people who already know me, so that’s pretty easy. Twitter and blogging are more for reaching out to people who I don’t know. Twitter is great in terms of just keeping up w/ literary news but beyond that, I’m clueless. I know next to nothing about blogging. I joined goodreads but then quickly decided it would be too time consuming to follow. I don’t dislike engaging on social networks, which is odd b/c I’m a little antisocial by nature. But, until I become learn enough to form some kind of social networking strategy, I feel like I’m treading water, which is less than ideal.


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