Review: God Loves Hair by Vivek Shraya

God Loves HairGod Loves Hair is a collection of 20 short stories following a tender, intellectual, and curious child as he navigates complex realms of sexuality, gender, racial politics, religion, and belonging.

Told with the poignant insight and honesty that only the voice of a young mind can convey, each story is accompanied by a vivid illustration by Toronto artist Juliana Neufeld.



That’s it. I’m in love. You know when you find a new author (musician/actor/artist-in-some-form) and love the fragment of their work you’ve been able to sample so much you decide to follow everything they do? Maybe it’s just me, I can get like that and sound utterly creepy when I decide I will not only support said author, but will track down everything they have ever created so I can enjoy it. Then rationality kicks in and I remember you can’t love everything someone creates, but you can damn well try.

I love God Loves Hair. I enjoyed it so much I kept putting off all the work I had to do just to read more of it. Just one more page, just one more chapter, just one more interesting illustration. Luckily it’s a small and short book otherwise nothing would be getting done. I would have ended up with a sore bum and rabbit-created holes in my pants.

It really is a quick read. It’s the type of book to enjoy when you have a spare hour or two, want to read something, but don’t necessarily want something frivilous. Each story is endearing and expresses so much without being direct about the subject. Parts are what every child or teen will experience, others are more a window into another perspective.

I found it hard to not be touched by Shraya’s collection of stories, the illustrations created by artist Juliana Neufeld, and naturally it does help when discovering someone in the LGBTQ community with such varied talent, but I think anyone could enjoy his work, gay or straight.

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