BA Post Challenge: Share or Overshare

BA’s 26 Posts Blogging Challenge

BA's 26 Posts Challenge for Book BloggersWelcome to BA’s 26 Posts Posting Challenge for Book Bloggers! The aim of this challenge is to create one post a week, focusing on books, book blogs, and a scattering of personal topics, for 26 weeks. You can learn more, or be kept up to date with topics here.

Posts will go up every Sunday, but you can post any time during the week (all topics are pre-listed), and share your posts in the comments for others to find. Please refrain from targeting individuals, bullying, or slandering in your posts. Share your opinions, but keep it diplomatic if anything negative comes up so this can be, and stay, a fun challenge.

This Week’s Topic

Share or Overshare: Do you think there is a limit to how much personal information people should share on a book blog?


Hells yeah. Especially when it is first and foremost a book blog. Maybe if it was on the mixed side, but I do have issues with over-sharing. Big issues! There’s sharing and then there’s just… I don’t need to know that.

Of course I can stop reading at any time and luckily this isn’t something I come across often with the blogs I follow as I will stop following if there is an over-share. I don’t want this to sound like it bothers me beyond belief. Usually what happens is when I come across a blog post that is too much for me, I will roll my eyes and go and look at something else or carry on with my day; blog post forgotten.

To me an over-share isn’t necessarily of the personal activity or daily life variety (I’ll get back to this in a sec). If someone wants to share details from their life, well, it’s their blog right? My main problem is when it is sprung on you or someone changes their blog to a degree where the reason you followed it in the beginning is hardly there. If I’ve followed a blog for books or gaming, I don’t necessarily want to know about what you’ve been eating or wearing unless it is somehow related and not repeated again for a few weeks. Even then, I might have issues.

All of this might sound hypocritical of me seeing as I have changed the posting over on my personal writing blog, but that’s the thing, I announced the changes and it wasn’t a dramatic change. I list different subjects of interest I may post about in my tagline. You must expect these topics to arise at some point.

As for what I see as an overshare; people getting over emotional and giving the impression they’ve gone straight to their blog rather than having timeout. I bet all bloggers have had something that has gotten their ire up and most of us know to step away from the computer, go outside, do something peaceful, and basically calm our shit down before even considering blogging about it. Why? Anger-charged, needless emotional tension, and sometimes people/blog/website bashing can occur. It annoys me far more when those posts become tangled up in obscenities and aren’t articulate. I feel sorry for those people because those posts will never go away…

I’ve learnt from my past stupid posts, I’m sure the majority of us have done it at some point, and I won’t judge anyone for it, but I don’t particularly like them. I don’t like watching Biggest Loser, or other reality shows, for the same reason. Too many unnecessary emotions. Calm down people. Chill out. Breathe is all I’ve got to say.


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One thought on “BA Post Challenge: Share or Overshare

  1. If the sharing relates to the book and how you relate to it, it may be necessary. Your experiences relate to the way you look at things, they could have relevance to your review.


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