BA Post Challenge: Cha, Cha, Changes

BA’s 26 Posts Blogging Challenge

BA's 26 Posts Challenge for Book BloggersWelcome to BA’s 26 Posts Posting Challenge for Book Bloggers! The aim of this challenge is to create one post a week, focusing on books, book blogs, and a scattering of personal topics, for 26 weeks. You can learn more, or be kept up to date with topics here.

Posts will go up every Sunday, but you can post any time during the week (all topics are pre-listed), and share your posts in the comments for others to find. Please refrain from targeting individuals, bullying, or slandering in your posts. Share your opinions, but keep it diplomatic if anything negative comes up so this can be, and stay, a fun challenge.

This Week’s Topic

Cha, Cha, Changes: What has changed with your blog since it began?


So much! I remember I used to post reviews alongside ranting, rambling posts about reading and bookish things. I didn’t have any real prolonged structure and I did let my emotions take over quite often. Since I started BA has evolved greatly. I’ve added pages, taken away pages, and finally settled on the current layout and features.

I attempted to create different memes over the years and they didn’t really take off so I decided to introduce something I know I love and want to continuously take part in regardless of whether anyone else takes part or not. I brought in the reading challenges, tried different ones, swapped out original ones with others, and finally settled on the five I’m hosting now.

What else? I think I’ve become less obsessed with blogging, yes I was obsessed, and rather than affecting BA negatively I think it’s worked for the better. I still have those times where I’m not around, but it’s more so because I’m not burnt out and just having trouble getting online instead. I think this helps in that the posting breaks aren’t a ridiculous amount of time anymore. At least I hope they’re not.

BA used to be something to distract myself with, but now there’s a rhythm to it and it doesn’t dominate my life. I feel that reflects in my posts and helps to refrain from posting several posts in a week… or a day… Urgh.


Don’t forget to share your post if you take part, grab the badge, and tell your friends. The more the merrier!

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