BA News: Calling All Lovers of Indie Authors!

BA's Go Indie Reading 2013 Reading Challenge. Grab me!Hello readers… So the other day I was updating my links for the various reading challenges I host when, lo and behold, I noticed the lack of links in one of the widgets. It’s only me sharing reviews for the Go Indie challenge! If there was a competition between the challenges, Go Indie wouldn’t just be losing. It would be dying. Dying a slow and agonising death as its fellow challenges are a world away from it.

Poor Go Indie challenge… Dying slowly, alone, unloved, and probably bleeding from every orifice*…

My issue with personifying everything aside, I wanted to bring the Go Indie challenge to every reader’s attention! First off, if you’re already signed up, share your reviews! Share your books with other readers! Just share! Sharing is caring as the Carebears say. There’s no need to remind me how old I am.


Secondly, if you are a reader of works from independent publishers, or self published authors and haven’t joined up yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up! JOIN NOW! No, seriously. Sign up. It doesn’t matter if it’s July already and Go Indie has been around since the beginning of the year. You can start right now. You could save a little reading challenge and have fun doing it. You could stop me describing horrible deaths of challenges I’ve personified. You might even find a new author to follow.

Thirdly, yes there is a thirdly, I am not above offering bribes incentives to those who sign-up and post reviews for the Go Indie challenge (I’m not offering this incentive with the other challenges as they are doing quite well and so many readers miss out on some awesome stories and writing by skipping over indie authors and publishers. Granted there are some that are…. well…. need polishing shall we say, but there are those amongst traditionally published and the large publishing houses too).

If you join in with Go Indie, read a minimum of five books, and share your reviews, you will be in the draw for a bookish Christmas present at the value of AU$20 from a book store, depending on what country you are in and if they have free shipping (the options are Book Depository, Amazon for Kindle, Smashwords eBooks, Bookworld, Bookfari…).

I could throw something else in there, I don’t know! I’m all sorts of crazy today! Point is, join me in giving something different a chance and have fun doing it.


Don’t forget to share your reviews for the range of other challenges I host too! If you haven’t signed up with any of those yet – Off the Shelf, Get Steampunk’d, Dystopia, Free Reads – then you’re more than welcome to do so and start joining in the fun. There’s plenty of ideas for reading material as well.

*excuse my imagination, I’m currently entering into editing mode of one of my novels. My imagination is throwing a party. I did refrain from adding the skin melting off Go Indie’s…. Sorry, sorry. I’ll stop it.

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