Review: Bloodlight by Harambee K. Grey-Sun

Bloodlight by Harambee K. Grey-SunDeep down, Robert Goldner knows he’s a mistake. His mother told him so when he was just five years old. But he never found the courage to ask just what she meant before she was murdered under mysterious circumstances on his eleventh birthday.

Now, on the eve of his seventeenth birthday, Robert is dead set on becoming a Virginia high school state wrestling champion in order to redeem himself once and for all, reversing whatever curse his mother saw within him. One of the few blacks on a predominantly redneck team, Robert has struggled for years to remain clear-headed and independent in a school divided by race and conquered by cliques. But when something from Beyond takes possession of his body and mind, wrestling with his very soul, he may find his “birthday” to be a gateway to a horrifying truth about himself and the fundamental nature of Reality.

Depicting a teenager’s alienation taken to the extreme, BloodLight is a dark metaphysical fantasy–psychological, bizarre, and intense. A prequel to Broken Angels, the first book in the Eve of Light series. Due to its language and themes, this book is intended for mature readers.


Spoiler Alert: Bloodlight is the prequel to Broken Angels, which means spoilers may run rampant in this review.

Review of Bloodlight: The Apocalypse of Robert Goldner

As is my habit to finding reads I end up loving, the cover of Bloodlight was what first drew me. Look at that cover art. Isn’t it excellent? It appeals to my abstract and minimalist tastes. It’s times like this I embrace my inner cover-snob.

What does the cover tell you? Nothing overly much, apart from psychological and apocalyptic tones, which is great. Why? Have you ever had the experience of reading a book, thinking in the beginning you’ll be able to piece the story together, only to finish it not really knowing anything? This is my experience reading Bloodlight. Even with the synopsis, well, I say, don’t even bother reading the synopsis. Not that it doesn’t match up with the story, but I don’t feel there’s a need. I can’t even properly communicate my reason behind that. It all comes back to the end of the book and not knowing anything.

Bloodlight is the prequel to Broken Angels, which may contribute to my lack of knowledge and my seeming confusion. That’s fine with me and I’ll to try to explain further; I’m not actually confused. There’s definitely a plot and character development, but, as is usual in my experience, metaphysical fantasy can go all out and I mean all out to (excuse my language) planet mindfuck.

If you’re looking for a fantasy/mystery with something a bit more… rational, you might want to take a pass on Bloodlight. personally, I love something that’s out there and stretches my imagination, and Robert is an interesting character. I loved reading a story featuring an adolescent that wasn’t dumbed down. I’m so used to young adult fiction being dumbed down for its audience, that I forgot what it’s like to read something that doesn’t guess at your intellect (I know, I know, I’m not an adolescent anymore, but still, I don’t like stories being dumbed down for them) .

While I haven’t been able to piece together much of anything, I now feel the need to find out what happens to Robert Goldner in Broken Angels. I don’t even care about the religious spins on the story, usually I don’t care for religious anything in a tale. I just want to get deeper into the world Robert inhabits and Grey-Sun has created.

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