BA Post Challenge: Blog Meme Love

Note: Here I am, late again! Anyone else getting sick of my radio silence as much as I am?

BA’s 26 Posts Blogging Challenge

BA's 26 Posts Challenge for Book BloggersWelcome to BA’s 26 Posts Posting Challenge for Book Bloggers! The aim of this challenge is to create one post a week, focusing on books, book blogs, and a scattering of personal topics, for 26 weeks. You can learn more, or be kept up to date with topics here.

Posts will go up every Sunday, but you can post any time during the week (all topics are pre-listed), and share your posts in the comments for others to find. Please refrain from targeting individuals, bullying, or slandering in your posts. Share your opinions, but keep it diplomatic if anything negative comes up so this can be, and stay, a fun challenge.

This Week’s Topic

Blog Meme Love: Share some of the memes others have created that you enjoy and take part in. What do you enjoy about the ones you’ve chosen to share?


Oh memes! Where would we busy/lazy/unprepared/what-have-you bloggers be without you? I know BA would be deader during some periods of its existence than it has been, that’s for sure. That’s why this post is all about the meme love. Both as a thank you and to maybe get some inspiration of filling our blogs with content during those quiet times.

Book Blogger Confessions

Book Blogger Confessions

Book Blogger Confession is one I’m taking part in currently, although I think I may have missed the last one… It’s hosted by Midnyte Reader, a blogger I mentioned in Blog Love, and For What It’s Worth.

I enjoy this meme because it’s not every week and the questions aren’t all about books themselves or what you’re reading. I get tired of those ones after awhile. I can only handle so many bookish questions. Need to mix it up!

You can find all my confessions posts here and check out the meme schedule here.

Top Ten TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken part in Top Ten Tuesday. I realised when thinking of what memes to share, that I pretty much take part in my own memes most of the time. I like to have ones as a fall back though, in case I don’t feel like doing one of my own or just feel like another meme. Top Ten Tuesday is one of those fallback memes, although I used to try to take part in it regularly.

I think I stopped as it is a weekly meme and for some reasons the TTT posts take far longer than other meme posts. One of the reasons I like memes is because of ease and not having to spend so much time fixing up a post. I really shouldn’t complain about that… There’s also the fact of wanting to post more reviews on a weekly basis and not wanting to have more than one post a day. I have issues with multiple daily posts.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. You can find my previous TTT posts here and the TTT schedule here.

Other Memes?

Other than those two there’s just mine. How boring am I? It’s nice to have memes, but I think there’s a definite limit to how many you should take part in or else it’s just meme-city. I don’t like meme-city. It’s the same with my multiple daily posts issue… So many issues…


Don’t forget to share your post if you take part, grab the badge, and tell your friends. The more the merrier!

2 thoughts on “BA Post Challenge: Blog Meme Love

  1. Eh, I don’t think you’re boring. I find bloggers who post memes constantly kind of overwhelming. I guess I’m just in it for the reviews, and if the memes aren’t really talking about what people think of books/their lives, etc., then I’m not interested.

    I find the mailbox posts kind of obnoxious, for example.


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