Review: The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

The Eternity Cure by Julie KagawaWho are you trying to fool? People are food. … You’re not any less of a monster than I am.” -Jackal

Newly-turned vampire Allison Sekemoto must follow the call of blood, like breadcrumbs, to save her sire and mentor Kanin from Sarren, the psychotic vampire holding him captive. The trail leads Allie to her old home in New Covington and the Fringe, but there’s no time for nostalgia.

A new strain of Red Lung—the insidious virus that decimated the human population decades ago—has emerged. This time, it’s fatal to vampires, too. A cure might be among Kanin’s many secrets—if Allie reach him in time.

But when the brave, fearless human boy she left safely behind re-enters her life, Allie is torn between the remnants of her humanity and the bloodthirst that consumes her. How can two people so different feel so much for each other? One was born good. The other was reborn a monster. It’s a love as undeniable as it is impossible.


Spoiler Alert: The Eternity Cure is the sequel in The Blood of Eden series, the first being The Immortal Rules, which means spoilers may run rampant in this review.


I remember when I finished reading The Immortal Rules and was itching to read the next in the series. I’ve had a copy of The Eternity Cure in my eager little hands for a while now and have only gotten around to reading it. Once again I find myself itching for the next instalment and wishing I had read The Eternity Cure earlier.

What would have made it all better was if I had of re-read The Immortal Rules first, as is my old habit, but unfortunately I hadn’t and as a result there’s significant details I’ve forgotten to the story. This didn’t help my enjoyment towards The Eternity Cure. There’s some authors that repeat what happened early in the piece as a catch up, there’s some that barely share anything at all, and then there’s the ones that share tidbits making you realise you really needed to read the prior novel.

The last is what happened with The Eternity Cure. Don’t make my mistake readers, if you have a dodgy memory like me (to be fair it has been over a year since I read the last one), then re-read the first book! All the way through my engagement with the tale was interrupted by thoughts such as ‘What?’, ‘Who?’, ‘What are these people crapping on about?’ and berating myself for skipping the re-read.  So frustrating!

All frustration aside, the forgetting actually gave me some pleasure when I was able to rediscover certain aspects of the story. For instance; how awesome Kanin is. What an elegant character. He is elegant in everything he does, whether showing anger, indifference, suffering… everything he does. I don’t think he could be inelegant if he tried and I applaud Kagawa for creating such a wonderful monster, as well as mentor for a character I developed a fan crush for in the beginning. Unfortunately my fan crush wasn’t around for Allie this time. I still love how she is a small, but determined, vampire with a katana. Gotta love a good Asian weapon after all. I think she was somewhat overshadowed by other characters, Jackal for the most part, but she was also overshadowed by the story itself.

Being overshadowed by the story wouldn’t have been anything of note if The Eternity Cure was more about the story. While I think there is a definite meeting of character and plot, I get the impression of more of a character-driven tale that didn’t quite meet the standard it was going for. I still enjoyed it though and thankfully the love story aspect wasn’t overwhelming either. I think it was far more realistic and underplayed than I was expecting. Always a good thing! And even though the ending was on the predictable side, well at least the epilogue, I still gave a cry of BAH! at the end due to being thoroughly engrossed.

I’m not quite sure The Eternity Cure is on par with The Immortal Rules, but I definitely feel it carries on the story well and rounds out the characters just enough to make you care. Coupled with the background Allison, Zeke, Kanin, and Jackal are journeying through, it makes for a horribly twisted world that plays on the imagination.

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