Book Blogger Confessions: Extra Reviewers

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Today’s Topic: Have you added or considered adding additional reviewers to your blog? Why or why not? If you have, please share how you found the right match when bringing new people to your established blog. Did you encounter any problems?

Thought: I did for a while there, maybe about a year? My work and review load had grown, and I wanted to be able to focus on other things as well as keeping new content coming along, so I thought why not introduce additional reviewers? I thought the different voices would both freshen up BA and appeal to other readers.

I don’t know how other bloggers go about getting a larger pool of reviewers. I ended up with two in the end and, even though the first asked straight away, it did take a lot of time and trying to get another reviewer. My initial goal was to have approximately four-five reviewers, including myself, but I realised after a while that was probably folly.

I don’t have anything negative to say about either reviewer or the experience. One was fantastic and had previous experience, one was still learning, but both were friendly, polite, and had a great love of books. That’s mainly what I wanted.  There were some technical difficulties and I did have to do some chasing around for it, but I guess that’s what you have to deal with when you’re an admin of a review blog.

In the end the additional reviewers and I parted ways. After all the work of turning BA into a group effort, I got too snowed under, my health took a hit, and oddly both reviewers just disappeared. I can’t completely blame them for that though. What are you meant to do when you’re volunteering to review on someone’s blog and they disappear themselves?

I don’t think having additional reviewers is something I’ll implement again, at least not part to full-time (guest posters are always welcome), but I’m glad I had the experience and am grateful to the reviewers.


What about you? Feel free to share in the comments or let me know if you’re taking part on your blog.

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