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BA’s 26 Posts Blogging Challenge

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This Week’s Topic

Other Loves: What else do you love to talk about besides books, on your blog or off it?


Rabbits! I’ve actually been trying to think of what other subjects I love talking about besides books since I came up with this challenge. I realised I don’t really bring up any topics much, or usually talk about something at length, unless I’m prompted to begin with. I guess that’s a sign of being an introvert.

So I’m going to take today as an opportunity to say goodbye to an old family member and introduce a new one. Last year, in November, my partner and I rescued an albino mini-lop rabbit. He was a former show bunny, but unfortunately had been dumped at a pet store when he had reached his so-called prime.

Our first bun, Fiver, whom we adopted in November 2012.
Our first bun, Fiver, whom we adopted in November 2012.

I fell in love with this little guy and found myself reading, talking, and thinking about rabbits the majority of the time. I read as much as I could, googled all sorts of questions, considered whatever advice and information about rabbits was offered, and pretty much became bunny obsessed. Well, the type of obsessed I can get, which isn’t overly so.

Sadly, Fiver had to be put to sleep on the 28th of April this year. I woke to find his back paralysed and soon after he began seizing. Without doing an autopsy we can’t be one hundred percent certain, but the vet believed it was E. cuniculi. This is a parasite that, in Fiver’s case, traveled to his neural tissue and basically caused a whole lot of problems with his body.

I’m quite passionate about animals being rescued and adopted. Better yet, I’m quite passionate about animals being safe and respected. I’ve been against pet stores since I was a kid, am also anti-breeding when there are so many neglected and unloved animals who need a loving home, and honestly prefer animals over people sometimes.

I can’t understand when people hold themselves above, and separate from, nature when we’re a part of it. How is something like that logical? Why should we believe as though we are better than other animals and our feelings mean more than theirs? How can someone think it won’t cause any harm to a dog, cat, rabbit, rat, guinea pig, or any other animal, to dump them or abandon them? All these animals we think we can own have feelings as well and suffer issues just like us. They develop depression, trust issues, and separation anxiety as well. Wouldn’t you if your supposed family just moved away and left you all alone in a house without food when you depended on them?

Moving on…

So, because my partner and I had the means to take care of another little soul, give them a safe home, and the love they need, we decided to adopt another bun.

Our newest addition to the family, Winston, whom we adopted May 11th from a pet rescue.
Our newest addition to the family, Winston, whom we adopted May 11th from a pet rescue.

Unlike Fiver, we don’t know a lot about Winston. He was on death row at the RSPCA, was rescued by Porsche’s Rescue for Small Animals, and eventually came to us. All we know is he is an adult, an inquisitive boy, and loves to climb and get into things. That’s all we need to know really.

I’m sad about Fiver and miss him, but I’m also grateful that my partner and I have been able to meet Winston. Although it wasn’t a great deal of time, we were able to give Fiver a home where he was able to run free as much as he liked and received plenty of love and proper care. Now it’s Winston’s turn.

I’ve always loved animals of all types, but considered myself a dog person. Now I know I’m a rabbit person and I love to have anything to do with them. They’re not only beautiful creatures, but their personalities are so varied, and you’re never bored with a rabbit. They aren’t all cuteness though and they take a lot of work. If you’re thinking of getting a rabbit, believing they’ll be cuddly and easy to look after, you might be better with a dog. Once you bond with a rabbit, it’s a great friendship, but they need a lot of time and care. If you can give them what they need, then by all means adopt a bun! Porsche’s Rescue in Thornleigh is a great rescue and the website provides a lot of information to start you off.


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One thought on “BA Post Challenge: Other Loves

  1. I am an admitted Trekker so I will talk to anyone about my experiences at various Trek conventions and dinners. My parents took me to live theater in tents in the summer and I can tell you about the actors and shows I saw. Other than that, I do have an autograph collection related to the above and to science fiction as I attend and work at Philcon and have been to World Cons. I help out at Goodies for Our Troops and have volunteered with STPR. I invite people to attend Mansfield 1890’s celebration – the last full Friday and Saturday in September which honors the first night football game.


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