Book Blogger Confessions: Reading Challenges

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Today’s Topic: Reading challenges: Do you host or join in any? What is your success rate on completing them? Do they keep your reading goals on track, put too many restrictions/pressure on you?  What do you think makes for a successful reading challenge?


I host them and join in, both my own and others, every year. My first reading challenge was in 2006 with the goal of trying to read 50 books or more. I did that for a couple more years and started joining in with other challenges when I got bored. That’s where my current addiction started.

Then I started feeling like specific challenges, but I could never find ones I liked or suited me. The best example is Off the Shelf. There were challenges I came across where you read your TBR list or unread books in your collection, but they were read-then-discard challenges. I didn’t want to read the books and clean out my shelves.

My success rate hasn’t always been too crash hot. When I first started out I would overachieve, it made it easier that my health was so bad I could either only read or watch movies most of the time for entertainment. As my health got better, and my life fuller, it has been harder to keep up with the challenges. At first I was disappointed, felt guilt, and got depressed over not reaching the goals. This sounds silly, I know, but it’s a phenomenon I’ve experienced for a while and come across with other challenge junkies.

When I began hosting my own challenges I decided that it doesn’t matter if you reach the goal or not. I added the option to change levels at any time because I want challenges to be fun for me and I want readers who join in with me to have fun as well. Sure the challenge should be there, but you also need to not take it too seriously. Push yourself, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make it.

I think that’s what can make a good challenge; having fun and not being hard on yourself. As well as taking part in challenges you know you’re going to love and when it comes to ones you’re not sure about, say if you’re trying something new, to not be disappointed when you realise that challenge isn’t for you.

There isn’t a challenge I’ve come across that I didn’t like. Sure there’s ones I prefer more than others, but I think it’s more about your perspective and what you’ve set out in joining a challenge. Of course there are certain things the hoster can do to make challenges far more enjoyable, but I’m not one of those ones who need extra trappings like giveaways and such. I’m happy with reading and seeing what others read as well.


What about you? Feel free to share in the comments or let me know if you’re taking part on your blog.

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