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This Week’s Topic

 Meet and Greet: Who are some of the authors you have met or would love to meet and why?


A bit late today! Sorry bloggers who wanted to get in early, well you still could have, but would have had to wait to share. Oh well! Better late than never, right?

I’ve met Chris Froggatt, author of The Crystal Elements, and that was by accident. I’d gone into the bookstore to browse, as you do, and there hadn’t been anything out of the ordinary upon entry. When I went to leave however, there was this man sitting at a table out the front with a stack of books next to him and he was drawing a dragon.

I had no idea who he was and I hadn’t heard of the book before, but I thought why not go and talk to him? So I did, very nervously for some reason, and ended up with a signed copy of his book for myself and one for my nephew.

I was meant to meet Peter V. Brett, but I was too unwell to travel and ended up getting a friend to take my copy of his book in. I would love to meet him and know next time he is here I will be going. Illness be damned! Peter V. Brett is an author I’ve been following since I reviewed an ARC of The Painted Man (US title – The Warded Man). I love his work and, going by his blog, he seems like a really nice guy.

What helps of course is he knows Patrick Rothfuss, another author I would love to meet. These guys are my two favourite fantasy authors who I also follow away from their books, so on Twitter, Facebook, and their blogs. I have signed copies of their books as well and I would absolutely love to have a chat with them about their stories and the craft. I think I could learn a lot. I’m sure they would have words of wisdom to offer gained through all their experiences and I’m sure it would be absolutely awesome. Heaps of awesome.

That leaves Anne Rice to meet. I’ve been wanting to meet her since I was fourteen. I loved her earlier work, but my main reason for meeting her wouldn’t be because I admire her work, even though I do. I consider her to be my writing role model. She’s a female author who won’t stick to one genre. I think she has a great talent in bringing characters to life, creating myths, and making scenery memorable. Why wouldn’t I want to meet her should be the question and I can’t think of one reason!

Granted I’d probably conduct myself better around Patrick and Peter. I wouldn’t want to throw up on Anne Rice. How mortifying! I’m pretty sure there’s a good chance of that happening going off how I reacted to scoring two of the books from her personal library when she did her last clean out… Yeah…

Those are the main authors I would love to meet, but I’d be grateful to meet any author, even more so if they’re the ones I’ve chatted to online, reviewed for, and corresponded via emails. Those authors I would happily put my hands up to meet if the opportunity presented itself. Check them out when you get a chance – Terra Whiteman, Corie J. Weaver, Ciye Cho, Samantha Boyette, Krystle Jones, Adam Pepper, Susan Ee, James Phelan, A.M. Harte – they’re all lovely people and great writers.


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One thought on “BA Post Challenge: Meet and Greet

  1. I have met so many authors, it is hard to know where to start. I have attended Science Fiction Conventions for many years and have met authors from Asimov to Zelany. I would have loved to meet Ray Bradbury and Arthur C. Clarke but travel made that not possible. I got to meet Margaret Sutton who authored the Judy Bolton series which has been my favorite since childhood. It would have been wonderful if Helen Wells had known how many people loved her work but, she committed suicide two weeks before she was sceduled to speak at an event I attended. I did meet her brother.

    Right now, I would love to meet Duffy Brown because I am part of her street team and she has sent us wonderful swag. I won the right to be a character in a book and we have been cooresponding about that. It would be great to meet her in person and thank her, again.


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