Review: The Art of Bioshock Infinite by Irrational Games

The Art of Bioshock Infinite Book CoverIn The Art of BioShock Infinite, delve deeper into the city of Columbia—the fabled floating metropolis that serves as a beacon of technology and achievement for the early 1900s!

This deluxe hardcover features production designs and concept illustrations focusing on main characters Booker DeWitt, Elizabeth, and Songbird from the highly anticipated BioShock Infinite video game.

See the evolution of the Heavy Hitters, the populace of Columbia, the Sky-Hook, vigors, airships, and much more!

This deluxe hardcover also features an introduction from BioShock Infinite Creative Director Ken Levine!



I want a copy of this book for myself! Sometimes I would like one simple line as that to be enough to convey my excitement and why you should pick up a copy because I can be too pleased for words. Then I come to my senses and realise not everyone loves Bioshock. Of course if that’s the case, I ask, what is wrong with you?

To be honest I haven’t been able to play Bioshock Infinite. I pre-ordered it, even went in for the special edition, and still haven’t been able to find the time. However, that did not stop me from being overly excited when I saw there was a book featuring the art and concepts behind the game. Oh the excitement!

I love, love, love being able to see the path certain concepts take, especially when it’s in the gaming world, and you get to with The Art of Bioshock Infinite. There are so many different sketches, with notes and scribbles as well, in amongst some beautiful artwork.

Each chapter includes information, but there’s only enough to give you an idea and not overwhelm. I found this to be a great layout for it all seeing as I haven’t started the game yet. I was a little worried I would come across too many spoilers, but thankfully there was enough information only to make me want to drop everything and play Bioshock Infinite as well as make me feel as though I now have some background knowledge into the mechanics of characters, enemies, and Columbia. Surely all of this will only aide me when it comes to playing the actual game.

I appreciated the introduction from Ken Levine. I think it’s more useful for those who think creating something with such a complex world and storyline, especially when it’s the culmination of a series, is easy and on the quick side. Being a writer I know myself creating a whole new world with new characters is a long and drawn out process. Besides just loving Bioshock of course, being a creative person is one of the main reasons why I enjoyed the introduction.

So, if you have loved the Bioshock series and Bioshock Infinite, you might want to check out The Art of Bioshock Infinite. The artwork is great, some of the scribbled notes are amusing and informative, and if you haven’t played the game yet you can still enjoy the book without it spoiling anything for you.

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One thought on “Review: The Art of Bioshock Infinite by Irrational Games

  1. I haven’t been able to play the Bioshock series myself, but what I have seen in the trailers and screenshots have been amazing! I love me some Steam-punk on occasion. Have you taken a look at any of the artwork from Skyrim or Fallout series? Also, if you’re a writer who also enjoys gaming, here’s a suggestion that may come as obvious to you: I just completed Alan Wake, which is essentially a horror novel that you play through. HIGHLY recommended!


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