Review: Star Wench by Anna Anthropy

StarWenchFrontCoverWSYou’re Star Wench, interstellar adventurer! With your pilot Suzie Starbright, you cruise the galaxy with only one goal in mind: the powerful and treacherous Queen of Space! With her mind-control raygun eye and her boundless space empire, she is literally unbeatable. Your quest is doomed to failure, but what kind of failure?How does the story end? Only YOU can find out! Your one choice: which page to open up to. Keep reading until you’ve suffered not one but MANY terrible fates!



Star Wench is awesome, and fun, and a little disturbing. As a kid I went through a read your own adventure phase and loved them so much that as an adult I bought several of them. So when I was approached to check out Star Wench, a choose your own death adventure book, I had to check it out.

I’m not disapointed that’s for sure. Unlike the choose your own adventure idea, you pick a page at random instead of any type of choice or linear storyline and every scene leading up to the character’s demise is in one page. I did find it slightly jarring to first begin a page as there wasn’t a set-up to it, I didn’t know how the character got there, or who the character is really, but after a few pages I started to settle into the idea and when you read enough of it the character of Star Wench comes out in the different endings.

I really like how each ‘story’ is in one page and sometimes accompanied by a picture. I love the art work and having the images both enhances the story and adds to the fun. They’re quirky at times, as is the whole concept, and I love quirky. Seeing a scene fill only one page, well with what I’ve read so far, makes me appreciate not only creativity, but the ability to make sure that particular scene fits without coming across as condensed.

What makes it even better though? I got the queen! It didn’t take long either and I think I might just have to go click on some more pages. If you want a fun experience, whether you like sci-fi or not, Star Wench is pretty fun and something different to entertain you.

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