Book Blogger Confessions: Giveaways and Entries

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Today’s Topic: Giveaways. As a blogger, how do you feel about extra entries, required entries etc? Do you have a system to choose/announce winners and keep prizes organized? What method works best for you when hosting a giveaway? (Rafflecopter/Google Doc’s or other)

Have you ever had problems hosting a giveaway sponsored by an author or publisher who is supposed to send the prize to the winner and doesn’t? How have you handled these issues?
As a prize winner – what do you do if your prize never arrives? Do you contact the blogger or just let it go?

Thought: Extra entries used to drive me bonkers, but now I don’t really care. I guess I just got used to it. So many blog’s hosting giveaways are doing it, it seems to be the thing now. I can’t fight that. I would still prefer less extra entries. I don’t think it’s always fair for people who don’t have something like Facebook or Twitter, but I don’t mind adding some extra ones myself if it’s to help raise awareness of the authors or publishers. If they’re giving me the book to give away, even though it’s a free prize for me to give to one of my readers, promoting them is something I could at least do to show my gratitude.

The methods I have used are narrowed down to WordPress forms and then labelling the emails that come through. I don’t use any widgets or Google docs. I don’t particularly want to and I would rather keep the extra entries down to a minimum as well as not having to remember any extra details when email entries come through to my inbox.

I can’t remember ever having an issue except for a few bugs when hosting my own giveaways and the prize being bought digitally or shipped via another company. Mostly everything has worked out pretty well, whether it’s hosting my own, hosting ones in conjunction with publishers and authors, or winning prizes myself. Usually people are pretty quick on organising the end result and I think the majority of people don’t want to mess other people around.


What about you? Feel free to share in the comments or let me know if you’re taking part on your blog.

2 thoughts on “Book Blogger Confessions: Giveaways and Entries

  1. I haven’t done one in a very long time. I used to give an extra entry for linking to my post, but never more than that. I’ve never gone in for twitter. I sometimes had a Mr. Linky, but usually just said leave your entry in a comment.

    THen I would put all the entries on little slilps of paper, put those in a bowl, and spill the bowl out in front of my dog so she could pick the winner. I’d make this into a little video that I would post.

    They were fun to do.

    These days, if someone says they’d like to read a book I’ve posted about, and I’m feeling in the mood, I just sent the book along to them. Just costs me a couple of bucks media mail and takes a lot less work.


  2. I do add a few extra entries to my giveaways but I’m also sure to include a few that just require a name and email. I don’t enjoy having to spend a lot of time entering a giveaway and rarely do the extra entries myself.
    I’m seeing a lot of tour giveaways that have up to 20 extra possible ways to enter. I understand it but I would never bother to do them all.

    Thanks for joining int his week 🙂


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