Review: Darkness of Morning by Samantha Boyette

Darkness of Morning by Samantha BoyettePicking up shortly after the events in Morning Rising, Darkness of Morning finds Kara and Dylan drawn back into the world of Inbetween in hopes of stopping Alster and the new King.

Though they believe Alster is planning an assault on the Daylands, bringing Dylan over to his side is his true goal. As the girls and their friends plot to bring down Alster, Dylan’s moods shift dangerously testing both her relationship with Kara and her commitment to saving the Daylands.


Spoiler Alert: Darkness of Morning is the sequel to Morning Rising, which means spoilers may run rampant in this review.


I’m so sad! I’ve mentioned several times in the past how I’m so affected by the ending of books and it makes me want to comment on the ending first rather than starting at the beginning. I find it so hard to go back to the start, whether the story is 1,000 pages, 300 pages, or 100 pages in length, it always feels like I’m doing an about turn. So I’m going to start from the end first and see where I go with it.

Darkness of Morning has one of those endings that elicit a ‘Noooooo!’ response from me. Both for the actual ending and for the simple fact of not being able to continue on with the story. I did find the ending somewhat predictable, but even though I knew what was coming I couldn’t believe it would actually happen. I know I sound cryptic right now so let me go into full spoiler mode for those who have read the story…


I could see the ending going one of two ways, either Dylan goes off with Alster or she realises her mistake and can come back to the good side, but I knew deep down it would make more sense for Dylan to go completely to the dark side. I knew it, I saw it coming, and I was still devastated. Oh Dylan! I’m so sad for you. It’s so sad!

It wasn’t until that moment of utter betrayal that I realised how much I had invested my emotions into their relationship. Up until that point I was on the meh side to it. I put this down to not being a big romantic, but my favourite fictional romances usually sneak up on me and I just can’t accept Dylan and Kara’s connection has been severed so. Nope, I can’t accept it. I refuse to right now and I’m opting to be optimistic about them coming back together. I know Dylan has some issues, but people have issues all the time. I have plenty! Come on girls, you can work through it.


Darkness of Morning is the second book I’ve read this year. Usually I am at that number within the first week, but it has been a difficult reading year so far and I found it hard to get back into the swing of things making the time it took to read this tale at the pace I would have preferred. I am, however, grateful for it. Where there was a ho-hum feeling towards reading for a while, Darkness of Morning has ignited that hunger to discover more stories. More and more and more!

I do feel as though some of my stop and start motion in reading was due to the writing itself. As I mentioned earlier how the ending was on the predictable side to me, I think that was because certain aspects were being told rather than shown; particularly when it came to the choppy changes between characters and sharing how they were feeling, more so during dialogue. I don’t have a problem with character’s feelings being told, not really, but I like stories where you can discern what they’re feeling and what they’re about by descriptions of their reactions and tones.

Regardless of that though I found myself loving and thoroughly enjoying Darkness Morning by the end. I really like the setting and appreciate how it’s not atypically fairy-like. There are still definitely those elements of fairy you come to expect, but I think because the world is not situated in some lush forest with hapless humans being led around as entertainment it gives the story more of a unique and darker feel in the type of fantasy it is.

What I love the most though is character. That’s what Darkness of Morning is for me, all about character. I love the characters so much and at the risk of sounding like I’m contradicting myself, I hate Alster. I hate him with a passion! That’s why I love him so much. He is such a great villain. I can just picture being a manipulative bastard because he is and making so many people fall under his sway makes me hate him, and enjoy him, even more.

I also found myself warming to Rinus. As pathetic as he is, he really is a pathetic and needy creature, I couldn’t help but notice some of his charm. It’s part of who he is and it comes through the telling of the story and his interactions with other characters. I would actually really like to follow far more of Rinus.

Now if only I could find out what happens with Kara and Dylan. I thought their relationship was quite realistic and, while it’s a fantasy and their relationship is influenced by these fantastical elements, I couldn’t help making connections to real life scenarios. It’s a realistic relationship with troubled youth wrapped up in fantasy and I think it’s done really well. I just… ah! I need to know what’s going to happen next…

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