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Hello my fellow book lovers! Long time no… see? My last, non-scheduled, post was in December. December! Can you believe it? Now it’s February and I figure it’s about time I began posting again. I have several posts and other things coming up for you all, but first I’ll start with an update on what happened in December.

P.S. I have decided to incorporate the above because I know every reader is different, have different amounts of free time, and thought it might make it easier to find what is relevant to you and what you want to know in each news post.

Personal Health News

I didn’t specify what happened in December. I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung). Total surprise to me and it stumped the doctor’s of why I could possibly have one, but we figured it out in the end. Unfortunately, pulmonary embolisms don’t go away over night (I wish) and they can mess you about. So all this time, in amongst Christmas, New Year’s, and birthdays, I’ve been trying to both recover and deal with the PE symptoms.

Here’s a short (hopefully) run-down on why I’m not back up to speed yet. PE’s cause a lot of pain and breathlessness and in order to help dissolve the clot, as well as prevent further ones forming, you need to go on blood thining medication (like Warfarin). The minimum of time of treatment is usually six months. What sucks is that it’s not the treatment that gets rid of the pain, per se, but the blood clot dissolving.The pain really only goes completely away when the blood clot dissolves, but seeing as the process is a slow one, I’m still experiencing quite debilitating symptoms.

The PE also messes about the neuro-immune disease (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I have, which includes breathlessness and pain as well, so they’re playing off each other. When I do either too much or just do something, both of them will act up. For instance, right now I have pressure on my chest, a few aches around the area, and a bit of breathlessness. It’s exhausting because it’s a daily thing, although some days are far better than others and I did have about a week and a half of relief where it all eased up, but then it hit me again. On top of all of this I’ve also been getting tension headaches and that’s been making it difficult to read.

To add to the fun I’m now on medication to help me treat my conditions of anxiety, social phobia, panic disorder, obsessive thoughts, and depression, all of which I’m currently treating in several different ways as I attempt to combat a choking phobia. I tell you, one thing at a time tends to not be my style. It seems like one at a time would be the easier method doesn’t it? Oh, how boring. Sheesh.

Anyway, so my INR (International Normalised Ratio), which has to do with how long it takes for your blood to clot) has stabalised and I may  not feel normal yet, but all my housemates have gone back to work leaving me and Fiver to our own devices. The headaches are pretty bad, but I want to read really badly so I’m slowly getting back into it. With all this stuff going on I really need a break from focusing on my health, just a small window a day will do, and I think blogging is one of those nice ways to have a break.

So here I am. Yep, that was short and sweet! Oh well, I tried.

Challenges and Your Reviews

Now, on to challenges. When I first began hosting BA’s reading challenges I decided to export all the links you guys submit and post them into the challenge pages. I wasn’t able to keep up with that due to, you guessed it, health reasons. There are other widget types to use, but they aren’t compatible with WordPress, so what I’ve decided to do (thanks to Sam @ S.I.K Book Reviews for the suggestion) is a montly wrap-up of your reviews.

I’m not going to export all the links to their relevant pages. Instead to start, I’m going to share the links in a post containing all the challenge reviews. As the year goes on, and the review list grows, I’ll do individual posts over a week, but otherwise all reviews will be posted during the first week of the month.

It would be nice if it was eaiser to see what everyone is reading and what their thoughts are so I’ll start doing this from tomorrow. You’ll be able to find all round-up posts via the review pages.

2012 Wrap-Ups and Your Challenge Reviews

I mentioned last year how I was going to post 2012’s wrap-up links and reviews for challenges in January. Well… that didn’t go as planned, obviously, but I plan on posting them very soon. Updating you all was my first priority and due to my energy levels I’ve decided to start working on exporting the links slowly. There will be several posts for those, some of the challenges will be combined in one post, but others (like Off the Shelf) have too many to be combined and will have their own posts. I will be doing that this month. No later. If it is later then I give everyone permission to kick me in the butt.

Presents for You

As a ‘hi-I’m-excited-to-be-blogging-again-and-appreciate-you-sticking-around-while-I’m-MIA kind of celebration, I’m going to be giving away books! I have four paperbacks lying around that I don’t need. Two are doubles, the others are not to my taste, and all are brand new.

Now because I’m on a pension and international shipping is ridiculous, the paperbacks are going to be up for grabs for Australian residents only. However, I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t live in the same country as a resident-only giveaway.

So here’s what I’m going to do;

Every second week there will be a giveaway of a book. The first will be Australian Residents only with a paperback. The second giveaway I will put aside the price in Australian shipping and have a giveaway for international readers who can choose a book from The Book Depository. I will alternate the giveaways this way until the prize pools runs dry, which is four for Aussies and four for international readers, one run every two weeks.

I’m going to be starting this next week so make sure you watch for it.


I believe that’s it! I have a couple of reviews as I was able to read a couple of books in January, but mostly the next posts besides all the above will be memes I’m taking part in until I get back to being able to read and stare at screens more.

As a side note, if you ever experience any unique pain or breathlessness then please see a doctor. Blood clots are not uncommon and you don’t have to be the most unhealthiest person in the world to get one. You can get blood clots from smoking, if you’re a woman and on the pill, travelling, or being more sedentry than usual. You can be very fit and healthy and still get a clot. They’re also not isolated to one area of the body. You can get them in your chest, legs, arms, head… Anywhere is susceptible. Make sure you exercise, wear compression socks when you travel, and check out The Clot Must Be Fought for more information on how to prevent them.

It’s nice to be back and thank you all for stopping by, leaving comments, taking part in the challenges with me, and just being awesome.

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