BA News: 2013 Challenges Open and 2012 Challenges

I will try and get this out before my brain decides to completely shut down (that was a lot of brain work for some reason)….

2012 Challenges Have Their Own Posts!

In order to make way for 2013 challenges, I have put sign-ups, reviews, and wrap-ups in their own posts. I have been posting them all day long. I know they aren’t closed yet, we still have some 2012 to go, so in order to find everything easily I have linked it all up like crazy.

Where the Links at

  • In the Sidebar: You will find what you need via the sidebar under the link – 2012 Reading Challenges – which is located in the Challenge Quick Links Menu.
  • In the Posts: Every post will have a link up to what you need – 2012 sign-ups, reviews, and wrap-ups, as well as a direct link to 2013 challenges and the challenges F.A.Q.
  • On the Main Challenge Page: I’ve added a Quick Links Menu on the main challenge page for all the 2012 posts.
  • On Each Challenge Page: I’ve added a Quick Links Menu to each of the challenge pages as well.

I want everyone to know that even though 2013 challenges have taken over the main challenge areas, 2012 challenges are not forgotten. If there is any way I can make it easier for you to find what you need or have messed up any links, please let me know! You can contact me about it and leave feedback for challenges via the Challenges page.

2013 Challenges are Open!

Yes! Yes they are! Before I get too ahead of myself…

What Has Changed

  • Main Challenge Page: I’ve cleaned up the main challenge page and added a F.A.Q. for challenges. If you aren’t sure about something check the F.A.Q. and if you can’t find your answer there will be a link to contact me. I want to hear from you if there is a problem.
  • Easier Navigation: Just like with the 2012 challenge posts, I have been linking up like crazy. There is a Quick Links Menu on each challenge page, this includes sign-ups, reviews, and wrap-ups. As well as quick links, if you roll your mouse over the navigation menu above you will be able to see the review and wrap-up pages popping out from their respective challenge pages.
  • Completion to Wrap-Up: I was calling all the completion posts just that, but have started changing it to wrap-up. It was a pet peeve of mine. So if you see Wrap-up and am wondering where the completion is, you found it!

What is Yet to Change and Other Important Info

  • Side-Bar Badge: I haven’t updated the banner in the side-bar. This I will be doing in the new year when the challenges have completely switched over.
  • Sign-Ups for 2012: You can still sign up for 2012 challenges! They close on the 16th of December, 2012 though so you might want to be quick about it…
  • Reviews for 2012: I will be keeping the widgets open until the 15th of January 2013. If you can’t get a review posted before the end of December, you have the beginning of January to get it in!
  • Wrap-Up for 2012: As with reviews, same goes with the completion/wrap-up posts. They close on the 15th of January, 2013.

I believe that’s it, but I may have forgotten something. I am a little nuts today. Spacey and nuts. I’m about ready to stare at a wall because it’s the only thing I can think of with the least mental activity needed…

If I have forgotten something or you want to share your opinions on how these challenges work, please let me know! I will welcome all feedback and suggestions, and what have you.

Before I go – Badges! What do you think?

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