Not My Genre with Living Dead in Dallas

Not My Genre is a personal reading challenge I have created for myself, and for others to participate in if they wish (for both readers needing a challenge and fans, just grab the badge and get reading). For more details and back story to the Not My Genre challenge you can read my initial post, but please feel free to ask me any questions if you feel stuck or are unsure.

Spoiler Note: As this is mix of read-along and reading challenge, spoilers will be unavoidable. Following are the details for the book being read, including intervals set for jotting down thoughts, if you wish to take part and haven’t read the book yet. Spoilers will crop up after the synopsis.

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Not My Genre with Living Dead in Dallas

  • Book to Read: Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris, book 2 in the Southern Vampire Mysteries.
  • Intervals Set at Pages: 106, 210, at End
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance


Cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse is on a streak of bad luck. First, her coworker is murdered and no one seems to care. Then she’s face-to-face with a beastly creature that gives her a painful and poisonous lashing. Enter the vampires, who graciously suck the poison from her veins (like they didn’t enjoy it).

Point is, they saved her life. So when one of the bloodsuckers asks for a favor, she complies. And soon, Sookie’s in Dallas using her telepathic skills to search for a missing vampire. She’s supposed to interview certain humans involved. There’s just one condition: the vampires must promise to behave–and let the humans go unharmed. Easier said than done. All it takes is one delicious blonde and one small mistake for things to turn deadly. . . .

Pre-Reading Thoughts 

  • I find it both amusing and bemusing with how much I’m anticipating reading Living Dead in Dallas.

Impressions on Section One: Interval Taken at Page 106

I think there’s so much difference between the show, True Blood, and the original story now. At last I can divorce my views between the two, for the most part, allowing me to finally immerse myself into the story as I would with other books. Except for the whole Lafayette thing though. I love Lafayette… Don’t take Lafayette away from me.

So far I think the story is written better and Sookie is much more endearing. The way she was written, explaining everything, was slightly grating in Dead Until Dark. I think there’s been a definite improvement in writing style and character relation. I don’t even mind the romance aspects of the story. Must be because I’ve watched so much True Blood!

Predominating Thought(s)

  • Not even page ten and I’m already depressed. Lafayette is already dead? Why, oh why?!

Impressions on Section Two: Interval Taken at Page 210

Here I go, comparing to the television show again… Godric is one of my favourite characters in the adaptation. Regardless of how barely present he is, I always find his character arc to be one of the most interesting and well-defined. I couldn’t help but grow fond of his character from the start (the acting skills of Allan Hyde probably contributed a great deal as well). Of course I would expect his role in the actual book to be on the smaller side, but I would have loved far more of him. I feel as though I got a sense of his character, but not as much as I was hoping for.

Anyway, my attention seems to have lapsed during my reading, about half way through, again. I blame this on life and trying to read when I’m tired. Bad idea! Otherwise, I’ve found it enjoyable. I even contemplated skipping this summary break to keep reading. If I don’t finish it in the same day I will be surprised.

Predominating Thought(s)

  • Oh, I see where they came up with the name True Blood. I like all the different synthetic blood brand names.
  • Yes! Less sex between Sookie and Bill! Jeez… I bet I sound like a prude. Or something.

Impressions on Section Three: Interval Taken at End

Well, that last part went by so quickly. It almost read like a story ending and another one beginning. It felt as though there was no point to the whole Maenad thing, but maybe it will come up later. Or maybe it was just a way to introduce new characters without much fuss. The whole introduction and tidying up of the Maenad, Tara, and Eggs felt so… irrelevant and chucked in there, to me.

I prefer Sookie in the book compared to the adaptation, especially as we get to learn more behind the motive of smiling so broadly. However, I think I still prefer the other characters over Sookie and I don’t particularly care for Bill at all. The interaction between Sookie and Eric was far more lively. I want Bill out of the picture already. I don’t care if Eric and Sookie hook up or not. Eric is an interesting and funny character and I want some funny in my reading. Bill’s so dull and the interaction between Sookie and Bill is so dull. Dull, dull, dull…

Predominating Thought(s)

  • Oh Eric, why can’t you be around more often?
  • I would like to not be told something more than once…


My attention lagged somewhat towards the end, mostly after the Fellowship of the Sun afair, but I find myself wishing I had the next in the series on hand. I would definitely start reading it straight away if I had it. Well, maybe after a nap (damn this heat).

I found Living Dead in Dallas better written with descriptions and Sookie didn’t come across as inane as she did in Dead Until Dark. I did notice, several times, certain past facts being reiterated and being told something which was obvious. Such as ‘My brother, Jason,’ for example. Uh Sookie, you only have one brother. By the point a reader reaches the part where the sentence begins with the my brother opening, all readers are going to realise the relation between the two. I’m not going to hold anything against Charlaine Harris for it though. It was basically a pet peeve and because of that it nagged at me. Enough said.

Expectations for Next Instalment

Honestly, I’m not sure. Parts of this one felt akin to a filler, as the medium to introducing new characters and roles, and I usually expect something like that for the first novel. So who knows? I would love more Eric and Pam, but I’m not going to really expect anything with the next one.


That was my reading experience. Did you take part? If you have or do please share your link in the comments. I would love to read your thoughts and see how your mind works while you’re reading.

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