BA News: Post Change, Blog Tour News, and NaNo Update

Hey lovely readers! Well, it’s safe to say it’s November and NaNoWrimo is well under way. I’m updating over at my writing blog, twitter, and my other FB page, so won’t go on about it here too much. I’ll add something a little later in this post though, first up there’s been a change to what I announced in the last BA News update.

For those keeping an eye out for my Iron Fey reviews, I’ve made it to the end of The Iron Queen, but I’ve put a hold on the rest. I’m still going to be reading The Lost Prince, but the review won’t pop up until December some time. I will be finishing the iron fey part of the series at a later date.

Another thing that’s coming up though, and was in my last update, are blog tours. I want to share which ones they are so you can see what’s going on.

Blog Tours


The first is the Dungeon Brain Tour running from October 30 to November 27. I’ve reviewed Black & Orange by Benjamin Kane Ethridge and Dungeon Brain is his newest release. You can click through from the above banner to his website and find out more about the tour itself.

Here’s more about Dungeon Brain.

June Nilman is a woman with thousands of personalities in her head and none of them are her own. Stricken with amnesia and trapped in a room in an abandoned hospital, her caretaker, Nurse Maggie, wants her to remain captive forever. At night, June hears creatures patrolling in and out of the hospital, and in time discovers Maggie has mental control over them. In planning her escape, June has an extensive catalogue of minds to probe for help, but dipping into the minds of her mental prisoners is often a practice in psychological endurance. Escape seems impossible until June discovers a rat hole in the wall– the starting point of her freedom.


The second is the Above Ground Tour running from November 1st-30th. I’ve reviewed a previous title, Hungry for You, by A.M. Harte and look forward to reading her newest release, Above Ground. You can click through from the above banner to A.M. Harte’s website and see where all the stops are on the tour.

Here’s more about Above Ground.

The first glimpse of sun may be her last.

When Lilith Gray goes above ground for the first time, she hardly expects to stay there — much less be trapped on the surface with no way home.

Hunted by trackers and threatened by the infected, Lilith is on the run, desperate to return underground. Her only hope for survival lies with a taciturn werewolf with a dark agenda of his own.

Lilith’s old carefree life has been reduced to one choice:

Adapt. Or die trying.
There will be another blog tour coming up as well, but as I type this it’s still being organised.

NaNo News

There is a little bit of NaNo news I wish to share here and that’s about sponsorship. Yep! You can now sponsor me! My goal is to raise $250, which goes to The Office of Letters and Light, which in turns runs NaNoWrimo and the Young Writers Program.

These are all good things and, not only do I highly support good things, but I believe NaNo can make a big difference to a writer. Personally I’ve found it gets me out of a rut, brings about new and better habits, and can connect people in what is otherwise a very isolating occupation.

So please, please sponsor me. Your donations will go to a good cause, it will motivate me even more to reach my goal, and if you donate $5 or more there will be a present from me to you! You can sponsor via a credit card or paypal.

If you follow the sponsor links (another link through just in case you missed the other ones…) you can learn more about the present and about The Office of Letters and Light. Here’s where you can find me on NaNo and my previous NaNo post.

Thank you!

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