Book Blogger Confessions: Blogger Envy

Book Blogger Confessions is a meme that posts the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, where book bloggers “confess” and vent about topics that are unique to us. Feel free to share, vent and offer solutions.

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Today’s Topic: Blogger Envy: Do you have a bad case of blogger envy? Do you covet thy neighbor bloggers book hauls/follower numbers/blog design? How do you tamp down the green eyed monster?

Thought: I do actually, on occasion. It’s more envy based around theme and design rather than follower numbers and book hauls. When it comes to something like book hauls I’m more curious as to where they came from, what they’re about, how a reader is going to find the time to read them all (sometimes those hauls are huge), and being happy for them. The same goes for followers too. I’m not really a jealous or envious person by nature. I usually take the ‘good for you‘ path and eventually forget all about it or at least get distracted.

However, I do appreciate a good theme and layout. What book blogger doesn’t? When I come across a theme that really stands out and is such a great combination of colour, I can’t help but feel some envy. It always inspires me to learn more about graphic design, coding, and anything that will contribute to having an awesome theme as well. I love blog themes. All this discussion is making me want to go and tinker with some ideas!

What about you? Do you feel envy at all? Feel free to share in the comments or let me know if you’re taking part on your blog.

One thought on “Book Blogger Confessions: Blogger Envy

  1. I have to confess to feeling this way from time to time but as you mentioned what I often come back to with hauls is how did they get those books requests publisher unsolicited wins what is the big secret then I remember I don’t have the time for the books I have as is so it doesn’t last long lol great looking blogs are always a big lusty sigh though I like the way mine looks and numbers well yes I envy those with 1000 + followers but then I was never the super popular kid anyway


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