BA News: Book Giveaway Listing

Not long ago, when I announced about updates and posting regularly, I mentioned an upcoming reveal. Well, it’s finally here!

Aussie Book Giveaways is all about listing Australian Reader friendly giveaways of books (print, digital, and audio) to make it easier for Australian residents to find giveaways they can enter. They can be part of blog or book tours, blog hops, some sort of online event, just as long as the prize is a book and an Australian resident can enter. ABG isn’t just for Australian only giveaways either, but will list international as well.

I love projects and I always want to help readers and writers from the world over, but I also want to help promote Australian based literature and writers. Being an Australian resident myself, I find it’s quite common to come across a giveaway I would love to enter, only for it to be restricted to another country. I think having a place to list giveaways for certain countries will not only help readers find new books to read, but help indie authors as well.

I will need help from you all for this as well. If you have a book giveaway and it’s either international or Australian based, please submit it to ABG. The more readers who can find you and the more readers can enjoy giveaways, can only benefit all of us.

Go here for Aussie Book Giveaways and let me know what you think..

This was all inspired by UK Book Giveaways, which I have actually won books through, and I recommend checking them out.

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