BA Chat: Moving House with Books

Hello book lovers! Yes, I am excited. Why, do you ask? All my books are unpacked! Packing and moving has felt like my number one topic of discussion for the last couple of months. I’m making this BA Chat all about it in hopes of flushing it out of my system, then moving on. Good idea? Hmm, I thought so.

I’ve moved several times in my life, but this last move had been the first in ten years. It turns out my last residence was where I had lived the longest, but that’s another story. Coming up to moving day, I would remember those times I had moved with books. The grumbles from different people about how many boxes my books would take up, how heavy said boxes were, and how much space the book boxes would occupy. Since I began hoarding books there has been grumbles when moving, by others, but guess how many books I had in the beginning? I had enough to fit nicely into my Opa’s bookcase (he made it years ago).

Opa’s Bookcase

It’s not exactly a large bookcase is it? Back in the grumble days Opa’s bookcase wasn’t overly stuffed with books. As I recall, I had approximately fifty books. Fifty books! Book lovers and book hoarders will understand even fifty books can take up a fair amount of space if given half the chance. Those fifty books filled enough boxes and caused enough weight to produce complaints. Imagine my wariness when I thought of packing up my books again when they numbered more than six hundred!

Leading up to the move I attempted to cull the number, but still ended up with a few books shy of six hundred (after I moved in the number jumped up again). I scoured my collection for all those books I knew I wouldn’t re-read and wasn’t particularly fond off, but I felt as though it was a waste of time after the effort I made. Nevertheless, forty books less is better than none and can make a difference in amount of boxes. It doesn’t necessarily look as though that’s the case, but I’m trying to see the silver lining here.

After I removed the unwanted books from my collection the fun came with trying to find the right boxes. Years ago boxes were free, thanks to knowing ‘people’ and the being able to cart them off from large bins behind supermarkets, but this time around I was at a complete loss! I found storage companies, which would sell you or rent you cardboard boxes. There was no way I was going to pay $3-$6 a box especially for books. What a joke.

So, what to do instead? Luckily I’d worked in a Westfield shopping centre in the past and the loading dock processed had not changed one jot in all those years. I ended up rocking up to the local Westfield, grabbing a trolley, waltzing in there as though I had every right to be there, and came home with a trolley full of boxes. Staff there gave me their boxes as well. The only problem was these were mostly medium sized to big boxes. I had to come up with a solution to find smaller ones.

As luck would have it, my Mum went into the local Woolies and saw one of the staff loading up a trolley of boxes perfect for books. They were the type of boxes used to transport foodstuffs and ended up being great for packing to the brim with books and CDs. All it took was for my Mum to enquire about them and the next thing I know I had so many boxes, small, medium, and large, I ended up with leftovers.

The moral of the story is, when needing to pack up books for a move, try sussing out your local supermarkets first. Seriously, just ask them. I learnt people are very willing to give them to you when you ask. One of the staff I received boxes from during my trip to the loading dock told me to let their store know if I needed more and they’d put them aside for me. It’s as though they want you to have their boxes. So go to shops and ask, don’t pay for boxes. EVER.

The move is over and done with, not everything is unpacked, but the books are sorted and for me that’s one of the most important things. If I can find food, books, and writing material, I’m happy. Oh, and maybe clothes… shoes… blankets… cutlery… mugs (for a cuppa tea when reading of course)…

Word on the street is I love guest posters. It’s true! If you’re interested in guest posting on BA, whether it’s book reviews or something else book related, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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