BA News: Newness and Incoming!

Hey there bookish ones. It’s been a long time! I was changing the theme over (do you like it?) before posting, checked the date of the last post, and realised July was the last time I updated BA. July! Well, that was unexpected. I’ve been off packing, moving, unpacking, waiting for my Mac to come back, getting my Mac back, and changing some things ’round here. I feel like I’ve been very sneaky as I’ve had my Mac back for over a week now, but have not been posting. I wanted to pretty up the place. I still love the old theme, but sometimes when you’re away for a while it feels as though your theme has gathered cobwebs.

What’s Been Pretty-fied?

Prettying up the place has involved more than theme change. I’ve done a list so you can have either a quick glance or be a rebel and read everything.

  1. Challengers Now Have Quick Links – For all you challengers, I’ve added quick links in the sidebar for finding challenge reviews and completion post pages. Instead of going the scenic route, it’s as easy as visiting BA, scrolling down the home page until you get to the Challenge Quick Links, and finding where you need to go. It’s all in alphabetical order by reviews first, followed by completions (aka sign offs).
  2. Social Connectivity Changes – For some time there have been buttons to connect with BA via Goodreads, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Email, and RSS. I’ve taken out the Tumblr one, seeing as I’m never on there (one day, when I have more time to be Tumblr present I will be putting the Tumblr button back up) , but I’ve added a paper li one. Now you can find The Bookish Ardour Daily much easier if you feel like reading it. I encourage you to hit that button and subscribe to The BA Daily, along with connecting everywhere else if you haven’t yet. Go on then… I can wait.
  3. New Tagline – I mention the new tagline for two reasons. First, well it’s new. Second, I feel like having some fun with BA visitors. Instead of stating exactly what genres are read and discussed here on BA, I’ve replaced it all with describing words. You can all have a guess at what genres are discussed here; see what you come up with. I know it’s probably cheeky of me…
  4. Page Clean Up (review requests and guest posting) – I’ve gone through all the pages, tidied them up, and gotten rid of the clutter. You can still find what there is to see via the navigation above or in the sidebar under Check Out. What’s absent mostly is review requests page and the guest post application. I’m not actively taking review requests anymore. Requests aren’t completely off the table, but I don’t have the time to devote myself to them like I once did. As for the guest posts, if you want to post here on BA, just email me. We can talk about it and see where we go. Just make sure it has to do with books! I’ve received a lot of offers for guest posts, which have nothing to do with books whatsoever.
  5. The Most Significant Change – and one that’s been happening for some time is turning BA back into a less… group orientated place. This does not mean there won’t be contributors and guest posters from time to time, but the past contributors have gone on to do other things and I am taking a step back. I want to keep a relaxed approach with posting and carry on with my other projects (namely writing and studying), while taking better care of my health and spending more time offline. BA is not going to be too relaxed though. BA has been ridiculously relaxed for too long now so I’m resuming a posting schedule, but it’s just not daily. It’s more in keeping with how it was until I lacked net access. A few posts a week.

What’s Incoming

  • HarlequinTeen Australia Book Reviews – I recently received a decent sized amount of books to review from HarlequinTeen Australia (it was like a bookish Christmas in July!). I will be having ongoing reviews with them, but I’m going to make an effort to mix up genres to avoid BA looking like it’s turning into a YA blog. Not that there’s anything wrong with YA blogs, but I tend to become surly when I read too much in one area. True story. Coming up though, there will probably be an inundation of HarlequinTeen Australia book reviews while I catch up and then it will dwindle to a nice steady trickle.
  • Speaking of Reviews – Expect reviews! A consistant stream of reviews! I may have not been blogging, but I’ve definitely been keeping up the reading.
  • Sister Blog – Last, but far from least, is my most anticipated project. BA will be having a sister blog. I’m not sure when it will go live, so I won’t go into too much detail about it, except it involves free things… such as books… A big announcement on BA will be forthcoming. So, keep an eye out for it!

On that note of exciting news, I’m drawing this update to a close! A few mentions and news pieces may pop up over the next week, but the regular posting will resume from Sunday. Happy reading everyone!

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