BA News: Short Intermission and Other Updates

Hey readers. BA is experiencing a, hopefully, short intermission. Until I get my Mac back (the touch pad cracked up). While I can do basic posts with an iPad, it’s cumbersome to create the usual content and update pages. I figure it’s easier to wait. A short while.

In other news…

Facebook Page

If you’re following BA on FB, for some reason the automatic post updates haven’t been going to the page. They’ve switched to my personal account without warning. I have mobile access so what I’ll be doing is sharing post updates for the last few weeks at FB. If you feel you may have missed something you can catch up on BA’s page.

Challenge Updates

I’ve updated all links and have reinstalled widgets. They were having a moment and hopefully that’s all sorted now. If it isn’t and you can’t enter any of your links please feel free to post them in the comments (letting me know you can’t enter them) and I’ll put them in manually for you when I have more access again.

Otherwise, everything else seems to be working quite well and I’ve got content lining up and waiting to be posted. So keep an eye out, posts will resume again in 2-3 weeks (fingers crossed for sooner).

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “BA News: Short Intermission and Other Updates

    • Thanks for the suggestion Ms Oh Wally. I remember using Networked Blogs for awhile, but don’t remember what happened there. It was pretty long ago… I’ll try it out again. The link up between WordPress and Facebook was working quite well. I’m surprised that it decided to switch over.


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