Book Cover Series: The Windswept Hair Epidemic

Recently The Broke and the Bookish did a Top Ten Tuesday revolving around favourite book covers and this inspired me to do a series of book cover posts, each focusing on a different genre. In the last month of reading emails and checking out books, more so than usual, I’ve also started to notice something concerning Young Adult fiction in the paranormal department. For the first post in the book cover series I have decided to combine these two ideas and have come up with…

The Windswept, or Wild, Hair Epidemic

Have you noticed how many YA (and some adult paranormal) covers have women with wild hair? Following is an example of how common the trend had become and that it’s still going. What do you think?


Some of these titles are older, but mostly they’re new releases or ones pending. And it didn’t take me long to search for them at all. It basically took a browse through the Young Adult tag on GoodReads and I had the majority of book covers for this post.

Personally I don’t have a problem with long hair or windswept hair, but when I see so many covers like this it makes me yearn for book covers with women who have short hair. Or maybe even wearing hats, but I don’t think that would really take off. I do know one thing though thanks to this trend, when I see a woman with windswept locks I find myself wondering if she’s special. Special in the paranormal way.

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6 thoughts on “Book Cover Series: The Windswept Hair Epidemic

    • That’s hilarious. It’s a wonder there isn’t a foot fetish stereotype when it comes to book lovers, or cover artists… I wonder what other interesting commonalities people have noticed with book covers. Thanks for sharing that too Lynne.


  1. LOL! I love this post. You may learn to appreciate the “wind swept” hair look slight more once you discover how many books actually have feet on the cover. I do believe there is a goodreads list already in existence to help aid you in your search. And here it is. 253 lovely feet glossying the covers of the books we hold in our hands.


  2. This is interesting. I don’t really pay attention to the windswept hair. It’s not what draws me to a book cover.

    The three that I really like (Partials, Anna Dressed In Blood, and Incarnate), I like them because of other things in the cover. I’m drawn to the city in Partials, the blood tipped clothes in Anna Dressed in Blood, and the butterfly on Incarnate.


    • I’m the same, not usually paying attention or even noticing the windswept hair for the most part. It wasn’t until I saw a few of these titles together that I realised the hair might be a trend and that eventually led to this post. The Anna Dress in Blood is a great cover, that and the sequel are my favourites out of the lot.


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