BA News: Updates, Content, and Giveaways.

As part of BA’s last news update – I have some spare energy at the moment, so I thought I’d stop by, and update everyone on the goings on with BA.

First I’d like to apologise for any inconvenience brought about by my being away, and to thank all of those who have been visiting and commenting. We’re probably going to be quieter with content for awhile, this isn’t the best time of year for my health, but it will be getting cooler here and that usually means more energy to organise and post more content.

So we will be on the quiet side for a little longer, but between Adam, Sarah, and myself there will still be something to read. One good thing about all this convalescence time is being able to read for most of it, so I have reviews on the way. They’ll be moving to Thursdays for the time being (instead of Wednesdays) and might start going up this week. So we’ll have Adam’s reviews, my reviews, and Saturday’s book trailers.

We also have some guests posts coming up, and if you’d like to submit a guest post I’d love to hear from you and I’m sure our readers would get a kick out of what content you submit. Head on over to our application form if you’re interested and if you have any questions please feel free to ask them.

As for giveaways we had on, all the winners have been contacted via email, and our monthly giveaways are now on hold along with organising other events.

With regards to challenges and comment questions, you’re all doing great with challenges and for those who still need the image sent to them it will be forthcoming (you haven’t been forgotten). I may miss a few comments for a short period and there will possibly be longer intervals between updating the Mr Linky links, but that will not interfere with your challenges and links.

That’s about it. Thanks for stopping by and have fun reading!

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