BA News: January Giveaway Postponed and Challenge Badges

Happy New Year everyone! Are you all geared up to begin whatever reading challenges you’ve joined or is there something else that’s bookish you’re beginning for the year of 2012?

We’re all ready here at BA for the new year, but thanks to the festive week we’re also somewhat behind. Today should be the beginning of our January giveaway, but instead I’m postponing it to a week from today and planning something extra to go with it. So there is a wait for that one, but there’s a consolation for it, which is always good.

I wanted to let you all know in case you were wondering what was going on there. In the meantime don’t forget we have several reading challenges for you to pick from and you can sign up to those all the way up till the end of December.  There will be some news concerning the reading challenges as well, think of it as incentive, coming up later in the week.

There is an update in regards to the challenge badges. Sometimes they don’t show up. I haven’t quite figured out what is going on there. They show up for some, but not for others, and being able to always see them can make it difficult to fix it. If you happen to join up to a reading challenge and can’t locate the badge to go with it, don’t worry, still go ahead with signing up. Let us know in the comments, or on our contact page, and I can send it to you instead.

Sorry about any inconvenience with that and I hope to figure it out soon. If anyone has had the same problems I’d love to hear from you.

We at BA hope you’ve all had a wonderful and safe festive season, filled with more than just bookish goodness. Speaking of which, were you able to find time to read over the holiday period? Receive any new books? Find any book bargains in the end of year sales?

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