The BA Yearly Wrap Up for 2011

This is from our last year’s wrap up, borrowed from Perpetual Page Turner, but I’ve gone ahead and modified it for BA. And for the BA Team. We’ve also got other 2011 Wrap Up posts, which have been going up during the week.

Mouse-over for author and title names. All images link up to either a review, if we have one, The Book Depository, other stores, or author websites and will open up in a new window/tab.

The Best and Most Disappointing Book

The Best


Most Disappointing


Most Surprising (in a good way!) Book


Best Series or Stand-Alone Discovered in 2011


Favourite New Authors Discovered in 2011


Most Hilarious Read


Most Thrilling or Scariest Read


Book(s) Most Anticipated in 2011


Most Beautifully Written Book


The Book You Can’t Believe You Missed Out On in 2011

Book That Had the Greatest Impact on You


Book You Can’t Believe You Waited UNTIL 2011 to Finally Read


Book(s) Most Anticipated for 2012


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