News: Giveaway Winners and GoodReads Awards

Coffee at Little Angels Giveaway

Recently we had an eBook giveaway for copies of Coffee at Little Angels by Nadine Rose Larter, which ended on the sixth of December and now I’m announcing the winners.

They’ve all been contacted so this is purely for curiosity’s sake (unless they’ve missed their emails then please check your inbox if you see your name).

There are our winners, congratulations guys! And we hope you enjoy Coffee at Little Angels. For those that missed out we currently have our BA Christmas Giveaway on until the 15th and there will be other giveaways on the horizon. You can keep up to date with those by subscribing (email or RSS), following on Facebook, or just checking our Events page when you get a chance.

If you’d still like to grab a copy of Coffee at Little Angels you can do so by purchasing it from The Katalina Playroom and Amazon.

GoodReads Choice Awards Winners

If you’re signed up to GoodReads or been following bookish people online, you might have heard about the GoodReads Awards for 2011. Well the votes have all been counted and the winners have been selected. Here they are!

Mouse-over for award titles, click through for synopsis.

The Favourite of 2011 and Best Author


The Rest


You can check out the number of votes for each category and all nominations here.

So what do you think of the choices? Did you vote and for what? Have you, or will you, read any of these choices? Do the results colour your opinion of GoodReads and the voting system?

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