Through The Lens News and Flights of Fantasy Winner

Through The Lens News

Today is meant to be the post for our meme Through The Lens, but I’m exhausted and at the moment can’t see myself getting out of bed for more than food. Oh and the bathroom too. Usually I would have scheduled the post, but it’s been an off week unfortunately and I’m behind in a lot of things.

In weeks like these I like to think of what that means for the blog in a positive sense. If I’m behind in a lot of things surely that means there’s content on it’s way right? Well there is. I’m in the middle of interviews, have reviews on hold, and am in the middle of planning a giveaway. So there’s stuff going on, I just have to get some energy to organise them. So keep an eye out.

One more thing about Through The Lens this week – if you were going to participate you’re still welcome to share a link to your post. Consider this the link up for the meme or there’s always next week.

Flights of Fantasy Winner

The 15th saw the end of this month’s giveaway, Flights of Fantasy, which pretty much is what it sounds like – a book giveaway for fantasy. You can check out what books were up for grabs here if you’re curious.

The winner of Flights of Fantasy is….

I’ve contacted Straykatstrut, who will have three days to reply, and she’ll be the lucky owner of one new fantasy book to enjoy! Congratulations goes to her and thank you to everyone who has participated!

Next month’s giveaway will be somewhat different with our top rated books from this year being what the winner can choose from. Keep an eye out for it on the 1st of December.

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