Top Ten Tuesday: Longest Left Unread

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and Bookish with a new list subject every Tuesday.

This week’s Top Ten is Top Ten Books That Have Been On My Shelf For The Longest But I’ve Never Read. These books are exactly why I started the Off The Shelf! Challenge because I know there’s books on my shelf that have been there for several years and the unread pile still keeps growing…

  1. The Quest by Wilbur Smith – I don’t even remember what it’s about, but I keep eyeing it all the same! I do know that it is set in Egypt and I just discovered it’s the fourth in a series so it might be a little longer before I actually get to read it.
  2. Gallipoli by Les Carlyon – I know the story, but I would like to read the book and this has been one I’ve had there on my shelf for a while. I’m always reminded of it when I rearrange my shelves thanks to it being a massive book.
  3. Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix by Charles R. Cross – Unlike the top two, I remember when I got this one. It was a Christmas present from an ex, which I received after we broke up, and maybe that’s why I haven’t read it yet. Honestly? I love Hendrix, but I can’t remember all the books I have. Does that mean I should stop buying them now?
  4. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – The Historian is one I tried reading, but then I got distracted, and I’ve been meaning to get back to ever since.
  5. The Swarm by Frank Schätzing – I believe this one is more an ecotopian style novel and every time I’m in the mood to read it I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have much time. This is a hefty book. It’s a book that can be used to flatten things out and that is something I find turning me off each time I go to pick it up. Now, if I could just be in the mood for it when I have the time…
  6. The Dead Zone by Stephen King – This is only one of the King books I have left unread on my shelf. I’m pretty sure there’s books by him which have been sitting there for a decade at least, but I tell myself that’s ok as long as more than half of them have been read.
  7. A Wished For Song: A Portrait of Jeff Buckley by Merri Cyr – I can’t believe I haven’t read A Wished For Song. It makes a great decoration, but it would be good to read. Not quite a decade in time, but it’s getting close! The book was published in 2002 and I bought it very soon after it came out. I still can’t figure out why I haven’t read this one or the Hendrix one. Especially when I read Scar Tissue and loved it. Maybe that’s the problem; the musicians are dead.
  8. According To The Rolling Stones by The Rolling Stones – I’m now considering I should have gone with an added theme with this list because it seems to be happening naturally itself! I was obsessed with The Rolling Stones or as obsessed as I can get. I’ve got CDs, I’ve got t-shirts, I’ve got key rings, I’ve got DVDs, so why haven’t I read the book yet? Hmm… good question.
  9. The Vision by Dean Koontz – I found a Koontz one that has been around just as long as the King one! They’re both the half read Vs. half unread selection of books I have. I will read them all one day. One day.
  10. Dark Seeker by K.W. Jeeter – I thought I’d end with one I definitely know I’ve left unread for more then a decade. There’s several books which were passed down to me from my Mum when I was about 12. I’m now 28 and this is one of those books. I don’t know that I’ll ever get around to it, but I do want to read Dark Seeker because the author is the one who ‘founded’ the Steampunk culture. At least he coined the term when he wanted a way to describe what he was publishing. Dark Seeker is far from steampunk, but that’s ok with me.

I have a lot of unread books on my shelf, about half of my personal library, and have calculated I have approximately 7 1/2 to 8 years worth of reading material. That makes me feel like some sort of addict. Seriously, are book lovers nuts or what?

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Longest Left Unread

  1. The Historian is one that is in my glass case of favorites…it has to be read in pieces though…there’s so much information and so much to think about that you have to have time to digest it before you move on…I loved it.


    • I wonder how much we’re missing out on with The Historian? I just looked to my left and it glared at me!

      I’ve heard good things about The Count of Monte Cristo.

      I have read it already, but I still appreciate you sharing your blog too. You can’t leave it out just because it’s on The Broke and Bookish.


  2. My friend, we are positively bonkers, but then again all the best people are, don’t you know?

    If I read only my own books, I think I have enough for another year. So there’s been some progress.


    • Well of course they are and I’m glad someone agrees with me 😉

      That sounds pretty good if you’ve got about a year’s worth to go. Impressive. It’s not as overwhelming too.


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