Through The Lens: Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

Welcome to our weekly meme, Through The Lens! We’re combining a love of books with photography in order to visually display what we read and love.

How It Works

Each Thursday BA will be sharing a photograph taken of a book, such as a current read, recommendation, or a favourite, with an object or in a setting the reader feels represents an element in the story. Then we’ll share a short blurb about why we chose it.

You Can Join In Too

If you want to participate you can. You don’t have to be an expert photographer, the point of this meme is to be creative and share! Take your book, including eBooks, and display those covers with something that shows what you took away from the story. You’re welcome to post another day, we just like alliteration here at BA, and there is no theme unless you want to have one.

We do ask, if you wish to join in, that you grab the banner, link back to us, and share your link too so everyone can see your photos!

This Week

Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy -Take some Sherlock Holmes style detective-ness, add supernatural and paranormal elements, bring in a smart arse skeleton, and voilà, you have Skulduggery Pleasant. It’s the first in a YA mystery series where the detective is a skeleton. Now, not to sound creepy, but I have fake skeletons and skulls lying around the house. I have a thing about bones. I figure it’s safe to say I’m going to really enjoy a smart alec detective who is a living skeleton. I haven’t gotten past book number two yet, but I was pretty entertained by Skulduggery Pleasant.

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