Sunday Sessions: Halloween Costumes

So in honour of Halloween I am going to do a post on Halloween costumes and why people choose what they choose.

Let me start with my experience of Halloween costumes over the past 2 years. I have a Halloween party coming up next Saturday and theme was dead musicians, so I will be attending as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. That’s right, the famous rapping member of TLC. I will be dressing as Left Eye of the 90s with brightly coloured, oversized clothing, and doc martens with scrunchie socks. I shall post pictures after the event.

Last year I went to the same Halloween party as a Mathlete, that’s right, I don’t abide by the rules of women and Halloween. Apparently Halloween is code for dress as a slut and claim it’s a costume. My friend Mel and I had a conversation about this the other day, it went something like this:

Me: Why is Halloween code for dress like a slut?
Mel sarcastically: Oh I think I’m going to go as Snow White but my skirt is going to only just reach my ass and I will wear slutty high heels.
Me: Pretty sure Snow  White’s dress was full length.
Mel: Pretty sure she wore flats.
Me: How can you be running around the forest away from witches in heels?
Mel: I’m going as a cat.
Me: Hey Mel, you’re wearing underwear, what’s your costume?
Mel: Oh can’t you see these ears? I’m a cat obviously.
Me: Oh right, sorry, I was so focused on the fact that you weren’t wearing any clothes, I didn’t see the two small ears that make you a cat. A slutty cat.

As you can see, Mel and I have a very similar view of Halloween costumes and girls who feel the need to make it a slutfest. I think my Mathlete costume was a huge success, I wish I had a full length photo of it but I don’t so settle for some pictures of me and my friends in their non slutty costumes:


As you can see there are some very original costumes and some over-done, you didn’t really try costumes. I must say though, there were no slutty costumes at this particular party. The coming one, I can’t say for sure as I know a lot of girls will be going as Amy Winehouse. Ill be sure to update you once I have a verdict. Feel free to post your best/worst costumes.

Want to dress like a Mathlete? All you need is these simple things and you’ll be as nerdy as you want, but also super cool and awesome!
  • Nerdy black rimmed glasses. (I just popped out the lenses of some of those 3D glasses you get at the movies.)
  • A checked/striped shirt. (Don’t forget to tuck it in!)
  • Some tan pants/shorts.
  • Suspenders. (Preferably ones that clash with your shirt)
  • Long old man socks, pulled up.
  • Velcro shoes
  • Mathlete badge. (I made mine, it said Mathlete in baseball style font with an ID number.)
  • Pens in pocket of your shirt.
  • Massive Calculator.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sessions: Halloween Costumes

  1. I’ve not dressed up in costume lately mainly cause I have no children or Halloween parties to attend. But when I was working at my first job in my late teens/early twenties I would always dress up for Halloween and hand out candy. One year I was Cleopatra (Nothing slutty about that, dress was full length) and another year I was Rob Zombie’s Living Dead Girl. So none of my costumes even registered on the slut-o-meter. I’ve got one of those body types that looks like a 12 year old boy , there is no way I could even wear one of those costumes.

    But lemme tell ya I’ve seen teenage girls in some non-age appropriate attire on Halloween. I remember the last year I handed out candy two girls came in with short skirts, fishnet blouses, and stripper heels. (And this is a small town in the South so no idea where they got the stripper heels.) At first I had no idea they were in costume. I thought their parents just let them roam the streets like that. Negative. The mother walked in shortly after they arrived. So being the nice person that I am I questioned them on what their costume inspiration was, the reply, “I don’t know we just wanted to look really skanky. Like the girls at school.” I admire their bravery to out skank skanks but I still wouldn’t let my daughter out of the house looking like that.


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