Top Ten Tuesday: Books To Read During Halloween

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This week’s Top Ten is Top Ten Books To Read During Halloween. There was a time where all I was reading were books one could recommend for Halloween, but now I have a broader reading taste and the majority of books I read I wouldn’t recommend for Halloween. Instead I’m going to think about those books I loved way back in my teens, which were far more suitable for being creeped out!

Top Ten Books To Read During Halloween


  1. Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk – Talk about a way to start a list. Haunted isn’t scary so much as disturbing to the point of making people want to vomit (something I learned during a discussion about it years ago). Haunted comes across as being a collection of short stories, but it’s actually short stories within one larger story, and it can be pretty gross.
  2. The Shining by Stephen King – I think this is a great one if paranormal abilities and ghosts make you uneasy. About a young boy and his family who are isolated from society while his dad works the winter shift as the caretaker in a big hotel. A very big, haunted hotel. He has the ‘shine’, the ability to see what others don’t.
  3. The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty – If you have seen the movie, as per usual, the book is so much better! It’s far creepier and disturbing than in the movie adaptation. I read this book so much the cover fell off my copy of it. Granted it was already second hand by the time it got to me, but the cover was intact. I think the title is pretty explanatory, but the story centres around a young girl who becomes possessed, and the mother gets a priest involved to try to solve the problem.
  4. Imp by Andrew Neiderman – This is one of those books that are harder to find. I got my copy the same way as I received The Exorcist, from family after years of use, and I’m yet to find a copy of it anywhere else. I barely remember the story itself, but what I do remember is thinking how horrible people can be to one another and not because they’re inherently bad. I find that idea disturbing; how people can change into something so unpleasant all because of a traumatic experience. This story involves an abused child, born from domestic abuse, and another child being at risk due to the situation.
  5. Chasers by James Phelan – Ok, maybe this one isn’t as creepy or disturbing as the others I’ve mentioned and probably wouldn’t make even a blip on a die-hard horror fan’s radar, but I found aspects of the story unsettling. There’s certain scenes in the narrative which can be unnerving and this is probably a good one for YA who aren’t big on horror, but wish to read something appropriate for Halloween. Think a cross between I Am Legend and Cloverfield and you’re almost there.
  6. The Dark by James Herbert – I never finished this book, but why am I listing it? The reason I never finished it is because it freaked me out way too much. It’s possibly because the story involves the dark, which so many people freak out about, but I also tried picking up his book The Rats and couldn’t finish that. So there you go. If I have to put it away thanks to being a little too creeped out, then I figure it’s probably a good one to recommend. Maybe. If anyone has read it, or is going to, telling me if it’s a good recommendation for future reference would be greatly appreciated.

Hmm… Didn’t really finish that list did I? I would prefer to recommend the highly scary ones, but I don’t think the majority of dark fiction I’ve read is read-with-the-lights-on scary. Plus I also used to re-read the books I had over and over again when I was going through my horror obsession (this lasted for years) and of course that takes down the number of books read. Now I want to re-read, and re-attempt, all of these again!

What books do you recommend for Halloween? And while you’re here why not check out our other Halloween related posts.

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