BA News: Halloween Madness & Looking For Guest Posters

October is the month for showing some Halloween love and we plan on doing this at BA. We’ve already started with our dark fiction giveaway, Fear The Dark, but really that’s for having a book in time for Halloween.

So, we’re looking for guest posters to go along side our posts as well. If you love Halloween or feel like doing something different, we would love to have you as a guest poster. The content can be anything, as long as it relates to Halloween. That’s right, it doesn’t have to be a review or even about a book, just as long as it has something to do with the holiday. It can be artwork, an event, your own giveaway (including if you’re running one on your own website, but we’re not advertising here so I’ll limit that to two), traditional Halloween tales, games, movies, video games, costumes (a showcase, DIY for your own, for example), food, poetry, or even a history lesson!

This is for the last week of October, building up to the holiday itself, from the 24th-31st. If you’re interested I would love to hear from you by the 19th. Short notice I know, but I have faith in people’s abilities and imaginations!

If you’re interested either email me at bookishardour[at]gmail[dot]com or fill out this form and I’ll get it directly.

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