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Do you carry books with you when you’re out and about in the world? And, do you ever try to hide the covers?

I used to take a book or books with me everywhere, especially because I’d catch a train to work and liked reading during my lunch breaks (it would help keep the temptation to go shopping at bay), but I grew out of that habit when I became housebound in 2005.

I’m not as housebound as I once was, but I still don’t travel anywhere by myself and I can’t read while travelling by car because I get car sick, so I really only take a book with me when I have a doctor’s appointment. You know, because doctor’s usually take ages to get around to you… I need a book just to keep me sane!

I’ve started taking my eReader with me a few times when going shopping with someone else in the hopes I’ll be able to read at least a few lines, more so now because I am reading for authors, but that hasn’t really worked out very well. I do take a book with me in every room of the house though so I guess you could say the habit hasn’t completely disappeared!

As for hiding the covers? I don’t believe I’ve ever done that and I’ve read a lot in public in the past. For the most part the books I read probably aren’t something to consider hiding anyway, I guess the only covers I’d contemplate hiding would be something bordering on erotic or risqué and has the possibility of offending someone (such as Carlton Mellick III’s Satan Burger), but I wouldn’t read erotica in public as it is and offensive covers aren’t really that common when you think about it.

Do you take your books with you when you go out? Have you or would you hide their covers? Don’t forget to share your lists and visit BTT if you want to participate.


8 thoughts on “BTT: In Public

  1. These days, I carry with me a real tree book for reading, a laptop for writing and an MP3 player with a selection of audio books for the times when my hands aren’t free. I’m well covered with books for whatever situation may arise!

    As for hiding covers, I don’t believe I’ve ever felt the need. There have been occasions where I had hoped that someone may notice what I was reading and perhaps talk to me, but that’s probably outside the scope of this discussion.


    • I like that, ‘real tree book’. That’s one reason this digital age is so awesome, stories everywhere! There’s no excuse not to be reading one.

      I’ve read several answers to the question where people have wanted someone to notice their covers in the hopes of striking up a conversation about it so it’s not that far outside the discussion!


    • I find that happens most of the time when I answer any of the BTT questions. The answers always tend to be far more than I was bargaining for.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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