BA News: Giveaway Extension

Yesterday the Spring Fling giveaway was meant to end at Midnight and my plan was to share it around sporadically throughout the day for anyone who might miss it or forgot about it and needed a last minute reminder. Well I woke up in the morning and there was no power and it was non-existent for most of the day. By the time it came back on I was pretty much set into my power free day and only had a very short amount of time before going out and being away from the internet anyway so I decided to stay away from it.

As for what caused the power outage? It was a defunct toaster.

Because of this I am extending all giveaways for one more day! This means Spring Fling 2011 will end at midnight tonight AEST and the Altered giveaway will end the 19th at Midnight AEST so if you wanted to enter Spring Fling you still have time! Just click on the banner for the giveaway you wish to enter, or both if you want, and you’ll be taken to the giveaway form.


I’ll be contacting the winner for Spring Fling tomorrow night after I’ve drawn the winner and announcing who it is either soon after or the Sunday.

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